Oct 10, 2013

Obama Approval Rating Slips Again - Still Blaming Everyone Else

President Obama [and progressive comrades] may have been blaming the government shutdown [about 17% of it] on the Republicans, but the truth is that Senator Reid and Obama-Progressives in the Senate as well as Obama himself is the one that refuses to curb spending in proposed bills, as well as the House passing a bill that would cover expenses but refuse to pay any taxpayer funds to Obamacare that the majority of citizens don't want anyway – when they found out how lame the program is and how it will be detrimental to their lives.
The media didn't cover the protest in the Capitol against the amnesty bill proposal and few are covering the outrage of veterans not allowed to visit memorials in Washington; while covering the AFL-CIO and SEIU sponsored pro-amnesty demonstrators on Capitol Hill. The Unions, like big government politicians [not just Democrats, but RINOs also] want illegal immigrants to receive citizenship so they can boost their voting base.
New poll – Americans are blaming ALL politicians according to CNN.
The media is not ignoring, however, that Obama's approval rating has slipped again, now at 37%.
Many government websites have been shutdown due to the political dog-and-pony show on Capitol Hill, but the Defense Department is operating its website after DOD civilian employees on furlough were ordered to return to work. The US Army this week contracted to buy a $47,000 mechanical bull – spending the people's money unwisely as usual. However, CNC News reports that the DOD is not paying death benefits to families of troops killed in action after September 30th despite Congress passing Pay Our Military Benefits Act to pay those important bills. It's the usual make the people suffer because they won't agree or go along with our big government progressive agenda. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Shultz [D-FL] put the blame on the Republicans. That is one of many congressional members that should NOT be reelected.
The death benefit, unless an armed forces member pays for the extra life insurance is $100,000 – which families need to help pay for funeral expenses and ay debts outstanding.
That means the families of five Americans who died in service to their country have not received funding owed since October 1st, the fiscal year.
As Rep. Duncan Hunter [R-CA], a war veteran himself stated: it is shameful and embarrassing.
Nixon's rating was higher than Obama's rating – and he was about to be processed for impeachment when he resigned.
So why is this guy still in the White House? Why is Eric Holder still Attorney General and not paying for his involvement in a series of scandals? Why didn't Hillary Clinton answer to her failures and incompetence [outright criminality] concerning Benghazi? Why isn't Congress proceeding with impeachment and charges brought forth against at least four of Obama's administration chiefs to include the VP?
I certainly cannot answer those questions.

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