Oct 23, 2013

Obama and Congress Sells Out US and American POW

There are a growing number of Americans who are tired of American lives and taxpayer dollars being spent fighting other nation's wars and defense programs. Senator Jim Inhofe recently stated that Obama's first budget cut the ground-based interceptor long-range missile program in Poland granted under a previous treaty when it was in its last stage of setup. By doing so, tax dollars were wasted. As far as Poland is concerned, it will continue the program without the US support, which means they are getting state-of-the-art technology developed by US at a bargain – We the People footing the bill.

Senator Jim Inhofe recently underwent surgery to unblock multiple arteries and stated that …
I probably wouldn't be here if I was insured under Obamacare
A living testimony that the “Affordable Health Care Act” is just as was warned by Tea Party folks and true conservatives [like Sarah Palin] of what will happen with the socialized medicine program that should never have been sanctioned by the US Supreme Court. Sarah Palin has turned against the GOP establishment, [despite recent agreement with McCain] like Senator John McCain, [person she ran with for President/VP ticket in 2008] who “collude” with Obama

Discussion is whether she will run in 2016. John McCain is a dedicated RINO who stands against true conservatism and the veterans that voted for him to overstay his welcome in Washington. A rumor buzzing around Capital Hill is that McCain is retiring in 2016. Some say it is too good to be true. McCain voted against veterans on several occasions; yet approves big spending on programs like Obamacare and supports amnesty for Mexican invaders siding with Obamacare and denouncing true conservatives.
It is ten years too late. He has been in the way of solving the Mexican invasion problem and acquiring border security, yet has a stance in Washington as a warmonger. Frankly, I believe that he lost is mind [and soul] while a POW in Vietnam – also giving in to his captors as their puppet at the expense of fellow POWs. Fairly I must add that anyone who was a prisoner of war as long as he was could easily have lost their mind. But four days after being captured he aided the enemy. He received medals for heroism without minimum of two eyewitnesses required.
Time to clean out Congress in 2014 and Washington in 2016, replacing them with true constitutionalists who put our nation and its people above everything, especially political good-old-boy clubs; an especially important would be getting rid of Muslim Brotherhood operatives in federal government. It would also be a good idea to dismantle the Islamic training camps in the United States and stop Mexican invaders and secure our border. The drug cartel has established itself in US thanks to Obama and two previous administration. The Democrat Party is a total washout because of corruption and the GOP establishment favors RINOs instead of true conservatism and constitutionalist advocacy. I doubt that McCain's career in politics would have been so long if it wasn't for his use of this POW status in the military. McCain sells out his own state he was elected to represent.
McCain and others like him are a disgrace. He and others have forsaken an American POW, Sergeant Bergdahl, who has been held by Afghanistan jihadists since June 30th 2009 - then a PFC, now a sergeant, promoted in absence. Muslim Brotherhood operatives are favored in the White House [to include former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton] and the US Justice Department protects Islamic insurgents. John McCain and others are against a prisoner exchange for Bowe Bergdahl. His family has not heard from him in one year.
Bergdahl escaped his captors once, but was recaptured. I am sure he is in a state of mind of giving up the chance of being rescued by the government that he served. The president is in favor of involvement of military assets and personnel in Syria and other places in the region [except Israel]; yet has ignored public demand that Bowe Bergdahl be released and brought home to his family – if he is still alive. One would think that McCain would be in the front of the line for establishing a means to get Bergdahl back home once being a POW himself. But that is NOT the case – he is in the front line to prevent his release.
Please write and/or call your senator/representative in Washington and demand that Bowe Bergdahl be rescued and returned home.
We the People must continually protect our Second Amendment from non-constitutionalists, like Senator Feinstein
Funding Mexican invaders must stop.
The huge support of Ron Paul in 2012 was downplayed by the media; but it clearly indicates that more Americans are tired of fighting other people's wars and financing other nations when the United States is in serious national debt and Americans suffer under a federal-induced bad economy. He has been a lone voice against federal corruption and anti-constitutional government since the 1980s. His farewell speech in Congress should be remembered. It's 48 minutes long, but worth the time:

 Save OUR Republic - Get Involved and Be a True Patriot - loyal to the Constitution and each other, not government nor political clubs.
To tickle your funny bone, here is a statement concerning technology, thanks to Joan B, Illinois for sending the link:

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