Oct 28, 2013

100 Businesses in Seattle Declare to Be a Gun Free Zone

Every one of the mass shootings took place in a “gun free zone” … yet, Seattle, Washington has provided incentive to more than 100 businesses to agree to be a part of the effort to make the city a gun free zone. The mayor, Mike McGinn, stated:
In the face of inaction at the federal level on gun control laws, in the face of inaction at the state level on gun control laws, this is an opportunity for businesses, individuals in a community, to take action themselves.
But the right of a privately owned business to declare itself a gun free zone already existed, without the pressure from the Seattle mayor's office. Businesses choosing to participate in the mayor's anti-gun movement receive free “gun free zone” decals to display on their front windows and anyone caught carrying a concealed weapon [permit or not] are subject to charges of criminal trespass. The program is called Washington CeaseFire. The powers of the city of Seattle hope this will catch on and become a national program. All of this despite the statistics and data that proves that such programs do not deter violent crime committed with a firearm – including the fact that mass shooters always choose gun free zones to perform their insane acts.
The list of businesses are found HERE.
Meanwhile, insanity continues at federal level as West Point's Combating Terrorism Center and the Department of Defense has declared that evangelical Christians and members and followers of the Tea Party movement are considered national security threats. The mass shooting at Fort Hood, Texas was orchestrated by a demented US Army officer [ironically an Army psychiatrist] who as he opened fire on innocent unarmed folks at the US Army installation yelled an Islamic fascist phrase in the name of Islamic jihad. Obama and company have declared their denial as to who the true enemy of the United States is by calling the horrific act “workplace violence” - thus cheating the victims out of follow-up treatment and benefits that would occur if injuries and death were sustained in a combat environment. The federal government continually denies who the real enemies of the US are and refuse to deal with them.
It is Islamic subversion in the United States that is a threat, not a movement to promote constitutional law or Christians who feel it their obligation/duty to recruit or spread the word of Jesus Christ [of Nazareth].
Tea Party members and Christians do not burn down synagogues or mosques – but Islamic fundamentalists have and do.
Tea Party members and Christians do not attack embassies and kill its occupants.
Tea Party members and Christians have not formed militia unit training camps, like the Islamic fascists have, in the United States training to commit unlawful acts and acts of violence against fellow citizens and US authority – as is performed in at least 30 identified Islamic training camps across the United States.
Save the Republic by protecting constitutional law.

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