Nov 3, 2013

Connecticut Man's Firearm Collection and Hobby Rocket Material Seized

How sad that one of the original thirteen colonies that fought for freedom and ratified the US Constitution would be so tyrannical when it comes to the Second Amendment, the state joining the radical anti-firearm movement of New York State.
Joseph Callahan, age 69 is a gun collector, owning 270 firearms legally, as well as a model rocket enthusiast. He was once an employee at DuPont chemical company and a gunmaker at Remington Arms, one of the oldest gunmakers in the United States located in Connecticut.
According to the Hartford Courant:
Officers responded to a report of a burglary at the house at 4:20 p.m. Oct 1. There was also a report that hazardous materials appeared to be present, police said. Explosive devices, more than 250 guns and tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition were found at a Bronson Road house, and authorities closed off the street. … By the next day, the explosive devices had been removed and detonated, police and fire officials said at the time. But potentially dangerous substances remained in the house and needed to be removed by professionals, they said at a press conference Wednesday morning. Police inventoried and seized 274 firearms from the home on Wednesday, said Deputy Chief of police Chris Lyddy.
The New York Daily News reported:
...Callahan's attorney insists he's just a collector.
Norwalk Patch reported:
Possession of explosives and reckless endangerment charges also filed Monday stemming from week-long investigation at Bronson Road home.
The “explosive devices” were for Mr. Callahan's rocket hobby and were registered with the ATF – not reported, nor was it checked out when the police investigated a “reported burglary”. The rocket fuel devices have the explosive power of an M-80 firecracker that can be purchased anywhere, usually without permit and not unlawful to have a quantity of them.
Fire officials report Callahan is fully cooperating with the investigation and remediation by offering to do whatever is necessary to quickly and safely mitigate the situation, including authorizing the removal and disposal of any chemicals that the Fire Marshal's office and the CT DEEP deem hazardous.... A conditional promise to appear in court was issued in lieu of bond. … Callahan will appear in court on Oct. 16, according to Lussier. [Sergeant Suzanne Lussier, local police]
Note this important fact:
The home was recently deemed secure by emergency officials, but the local authorities are awaiting the results of tests run on the chemicals found in the home.
No mention as to who reported a burglary or whether police apprehended or are looking for any suspects, if indeed there WAS a burglary.
If the explosive material was “deemed secure” - why did the authorities insist upon destroying the material? Who is going to pay for destroying explosive material properly registered and safely secured?
The Fairfield Patch reported that Callahan had been hospitalized. For what?
Connecticut state charges include manufacturing of explosive devices and possession of explosive devices. Nothing reported about ATF verifying that Callahan was legally registered to maintain and manufacture explosive devices.
There are a lot of holes in the news reporting of the media involved, but if the burglary investigation part is true, the authorities used the report to enter the residence and private property in order to confiscate Callahan's firearm collection, mostly long rifles, as well as the rocket explosive material.
While all reported linked above report that Callahan was released from custody, only one reported that Callahan was hospitalized
So, was he hospitalized or put in custody, or both?
Connecticut News reported that Callahan was hospitalized for mental evaluation. For reporting a burglary or attempted burglary?
One source reported that it was Callahan who reported a burglary or burglary attempt. 
SEE ALSO at NY Daily News: Australian and British researchers claim that

racism among whites and gun ownership is linked

Researchers failed to put in their report that while there may be more "white" gun owners they are still the majority in population and also the fact that "black on black" violent crimes is the more frequent than racial incidents involving firearms and violent crimes. These researchers must hang out with the global warming - climate change crowd when it comes to research techniques and valid fact finding.

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