Nov 22, 2013

Latest Racist Crime: The "Knock-Out Game" and Testament to Conceal & Carry

The latest testament of how sick American society has become and how racism continues from the “protected” element of citizens, what is definitely racial – the Knockout Game gone viral on YouTube with racists bragging and taking videos of their brutality – FOX News, Washington Times, Syracuse Post-Standard, CBC News, NY Daily News, Washington Post, Business Insider, Philly Mag, & Examiner.

In Lansing, Michigan, a person playing the knockout game on the wrong person, who had a concealed carry permitted weapon. Fortunately for the victim, the taser used was faulty. The criminal received bullet wounds in the leg and butt. Why did the perpetrator do it? He said he was bored. But the reason is deeper than that with Twitter evidence to prove it. Racial tension has worsened since the media exploit of the Martin-Zimmerman case – while ignoring a racist act of violence by illegal immigrants and members of the “black” communities. Comments made by the President of the United States who stated in 2008 that he intended to close the gap on racial divide in America and unite citizens proved to be another false promise. Black leaders and the media who constantly look for racism [white vs black] say nothing when racism appears on the other side of the racial fence.
This video shows that some Americans are outraged at this despicable "game":

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