Nov 9, 2013

Guilt By Association and American Culture Anomaly

Progressive Democrat's solution to prevent criminal use of firearms is to ban firearms preventing law-abiding citizens Second Amendment rights to defend themselves, and overlooks that the background check system does not identify mentally disturbed individuals. It is insanity what they think up for solutions in preventing tragedies involving firearms.

At the same time, progressives identify the Tea Party movement, the NRA, and citizens protecting the Second Amendment and constitutional law as a threat to US government – an unconstitutional government.
There is an email circulating around the Chain Email circuit that incorrectly identifies political affiliations of mass murderers. 
The following clears it up and I would like to also add that progressives are always trying, with the help of their cohorts in the media, to associate the Tea Party movement and Christian religious organizations as anti-government and dangerous to national security and the welfare of people in the United States. The Tea Party movement is not against government in general, it is against an unconstitutional government that is presently in place at the federal level and some state level governments.

Jared Lee Loughner: Guilty of 6 charges of murder [that included Chief US District Court Judge John Roll and a 9-year-old girl] and and attempted to murder US Representative Gabrielle Giffords, injuring 12 others at a Tucson, Arizona political rally. Registered as an Independent.

Chris Jordan Dorner: Former LAPD police officer and US Navy Reservist connected to a series of attacks on police officers and their families, leaving four dead and three injured. Democrat and Obama supporter.

Floyd Lee Corkins: Guilty of multiple charges connected to shooting at a Family Research Council Center, a Christian-conservative think-tank. Homosexual democrat. Allegedly inspired by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

James Eagan Holmes: Killed twelve people and wounding 70 at a Century movie theater in Aurora, Colorado at a midnight premiere of a Batman film. ABC News retracted and apologized for declaring that Holmes was a Tea Party movement member; whereas there has been no concrete evidence concerning his political affiliation. Breitbart News reported that he was a registered Democrat in 2011, listed as “inactive”. Records show that he was not a registered voter and thus could not be affiliated with any political entity.

Nidal Malik Hassa: Identified as a Palestinian immigrant and Muslim, he murdered and injured people at Fort Hood where he was stationed because he was against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and could have been prevented if the US Army had taken preventive measures when it was apparent that his actions and advocacy, as well as to the degree of fundamentalism within his religious views was dangerous to national security as well as the lives of Americans. No information reveals Hassa to have been a registered Democrat; however, his support of Palestine over Israel definitely rules out being a member of the Republican Party.

Seung-Hui Cho: Virginian Tech shooter killing 32 and wounding 17, was not a registered voter [legally], a Korean immigrant who was declared mentally “depressed” and based upon a video and manifesto he left behind, also bullied and ridiculed by fellow students. Despite legal declarations of his mental health and violent tendencies, he was allowed to legally purchase firearms. Requirements of the federal law was not enforced.

Adam Lanza: Tragic shooting of young children at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. No political affiliation but definitely testament against the system and his mother not ensuring firearms were not accessible to her son, paying for that mistake with her life. It was a case that was instrumental for a flurry of anti-constitutional bills and gun ban advocacy by progressives who seek control of the populace instead of repairing a broken system of laws and regulations.

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold: Columbine school shooters. Occurring in 1999, it was the first of mass shootings that began a hard look upon the American culture and society; initiating the anti-firearm cult. It is a testament of the disintegration of American society and the long-term effects of Ridlin as well as progressives preferring to use drug therapy instead of common sense discipline. It is also testament to the violent culture developed and lack of family values and moral virtue lacking in parental guidance.

Charging that mass murderers and psychopaths are within any particular political arena makes as much sense as taking firearms away from everybody because of criminal actions of an extreme minority. In the forefront of manipulative media is criminal actions taken with firearms and ignore real-life stories of firearms used to protect lives and property from criminal predators that occur more frequently than such horrific acts conducted by mentally disturbed people.
Society and the system is at fault in trying to prevent aforementioned crimes; basically the fault of political correctness where worrying about insulting someone is more important than factual circumstances that could and have led to such events.
It is significant to note that all the places where mass shooting occurred, it was a “gun-free zone” which afforded the shooter to commit the atrocity unimpeded.
In an unrelated insertion, the following is not so humorous, reinforcing the established concept that it pays to be a politician:
Remember when Nancy Pelosi  said:
“We have to pass it, to find out what’s in it”
A physician called into a radio show and  said:
"that's the definition of a stool sample".
That pretty well sums it up.

Progressives constantly use guilt by association painting Christians and movements to promote constitutional law as subversive and “anti-government”; yet the majority of mass murderers were affiliated with the progressive political movement and/or were a product of their political agenda. If guilt by association was implemented in 2008 by the same progressives, Barack Hussein Obama would never have become President of the United States, much less a senator in the US Congress.

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