Nov 4, 2013

Who Is the Captain of USS America?

Time and again, scandal upon scandal, President Obama's usual words about revelations is: "I wasn't aware". That is just as scary as being aware and ordering those scandalous actions that has come to the forefront, despite the mainstream-corporate media's shelving facts and events, shielding this president's scandalous administration.

It is long past due that candidates for federal office, whether for the position of President of the United States or a member of Congress be required to pass an FBI background check. When I was in the military I could not be awarded the MOS of 71C without passing a background check for Top Secret clearance - and the president, vice president, and members of Congress are not required to pass any background check before eligibility to campaign for federal public office. In turn federal department heads and members of the cabinet/czar team of the President of the United States should also be required to pass a background check.
I have an FFL [Firearm Federal License] which requires a background check and submitting fingerprint cards in duplicate with passport photos in duplicate. So why are not candidates for federal office not required to do the same? Back in 2008, an FBI agent, retired, stated that just be examining the surface of BH Obama's background and associations, he would NOT have passed a background check to receive access to sensitive and national security material. So why was he qualified to run for president?
If President Obama is not aware of what departments and agencies of the federal government the executive branch are doing - then he is not being informed as he should be and/or he has passed the buck when his directives are found out. Either way, this is not acceptable behavior or practices of any leader of any government.
Falsehood and unconstitutional actions is the hallmark of this president and too many presidents before this one - yet he was reelected. Even without verified voting fraud evident, the election of 2012 should not have mustered as much of a close winning amount of votes that was reported. The president who lied when he said his administration beginning in 2008 would be more transparent than the previous, has been caught lying in several serious implications. If President Nixon did not resign he would have faced impeachment hearings because he lied. So why is BH Obama still staining the rooms of the White House?

The same applies to the Republican primary elections - Romney should never have won. The primary candidate that would have performed proper duties as President of the United States and began a true reformation of the federal system [with the cooperation of Congress] was purposefully ignored by the mainstream-corporate media, its affiliated political hierarchy and especially the GOP establishment who did not want to rock the boat of big government. Romney recently discounted Obamacare, so why did he not push the issue more fervently in 2012? At the same time he denounces Obamacare, he declares his support for Governor Christie of New Jersey, a scandalous overweight public figure, for GOP primary presidential candidate of 2016. Romney is a loser who thinks conservatives are naive concerning his GOP establishment club membership.

Obamacare has been a lie from the very start of its introduction, and now proves to be detrimental in several serious ways.

Remember this: through all the schematics, health insurance companies still only pay 80%. If America wanted to go to a national health care system, they should have copied the Canadian system where 100% is paid with premiums at $200 per month for a family of four [two children]; only paying for extras like telephone in hospital room or private hospital room.
Obamacare only favors the government who now controls a major economic entity and insurance companies and corporations involved - NOT the customers' benefits.
If Obamacare is so good, why has the federal government and Congress decided it was not beneficial for them and excluded themselves?  What is good for the American populace, so it must apply to those who are employed by the government.
As the previous video stated: "It doesn't make sense". It should have been repealed by the US Supreme Court if the justices were performing their sworn duty as protection of the US Constitution.
Election 2014 for congressional members will be key in that deadbeat congressional members be fired and in the near future, a limited term amendment should be passed, like what was passed for the executive office of the President of the United States.
Medicare was paid for by everyone who had an income, but has failed because of various reasons, one being mismanagement of the funding. A good response to Obamacare was presented to the president by Paul Ryan of Wisconsin:

New Bill in Congress: H.R. 2655 - Lawsuit Abuse Reduction Act of 2013 ... important to help reduce insurance premiums and also reduce frivolous lawsuits, a responsibility for the lawyer profession.

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