Jun 14, 2015

Good Year for Bass Fishing in Wisconsin

As reported by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, the population of bass has grown and continues to do so; thanks to catch-and-release and careful management. The population of largemouth bass in more than 300 lakes in Wisconsin has caused the DNR to remove the minimum length limits. Twenty-one lakes have no minimum length requirement, but instead a protected length from 14 to 18 inches, and those lakes have a daily bag limit of five bass.
In the northern Wisconsin regions, smallmouth bass remain in catch-and-release status until June 20th. Most inland lakes have a combined daily bag limit of five largemouth and smallmouth bass greater than 14 inches.
This is good news for participants in the annual Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year Championship that is due to take place for Sturgeon Bay September 17th to 20th.
Recent fisheries team surveys show that 20% of the smallmouth bass in Sturgeon Bay measured at least 17 inches and 15% measured at least 18 inches. On a good day, it is expected that two anglers in a boat could catch more than 50 fish per day. The DNR reports that some have caught 100 fish in one day. There is a lot of 5+ pound fish and between 7 and 8 pounds. The state record thus far is just over 9 pounds.
For those who fish from shore, a dock or use wading boots this is good news, providing opportunity for families and anglers without boats.
Bass fishing in Wisconsin has an economic impact of $2.3 billion during the sport fishing year, including ice fishing.
To get more information, search the DNR website for “largemouth bass” and “smallmouth bass”. Information about daily bag limits, season length and other such information can be found by searching “fishing regulations”.
Also, information can be obtained by contacting John Hansen, DNR fisheries biologist at JonathanF.Hansen@Wisconsin.gov. For northern Lake Michigan anglers, contact David.Boyarski@Wisconsin.gov.
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