Jun 17, 2015

Weapons of Choice: Anderson 'No Lube' Rifles

The M16/AR15 rifle platform has come a long way in configuration and Anderson Rifles, a 35-year-old toll-and-die manufacturer, has taken the platform to a new level: no lubrication required as the following video shows:

AM15 Anderson Sniper model
The Anderson rifle uses nano technology to offer the only rifle that never requires lubrication using RF85 that injects calcium into the molecular content of the metal, reducing friction 85%, RF85 forms a protective barrier that enacts when heat and pressure is applied. Their rifles can be cleaned with only soap and water. No harsh solvents are required and the manufacturer recommends that it never be oiled. You still use a bore brush run through the barrel, but with no solvent or oil. Ensure that the weapon is dry and then reassemble.
Anderson makes three rifles in the M4 model, a 300 Blackout, Sniper, and .308 Hunter configuration – all ready for the optics of your choice.
The Sniper model is chambered for .223/5.56mm with a 24-inch stainless steel fluted barrel with a 1-8 twist and 11-degree crown. The grip is Ergo and buttstock a Magpul design. It comes with a Harris LMS Bi-Pod and one 30-round magazine. You can order it treated with No Lube RF85 or without.
The .308 Hunter model is chambered for .308 Win. Or 7.62x51mm NATO ammunition and comes with a Chrome Moly Vanadium 18-inch steel barrel with a 1-10 twist. It has a MagPul pistol grip, sling mount, flash hider and one 20-round magazine.
MSRP starts at $1,036.
All the rifles have a Picatinny rail system.
You can find a dealer at the Anderson website.

As a bonus, I have included a James Yeager video that explains the difference between the gas piston and direct gas impengment AR15 platforms …

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