Jun 5, 2015

Weapons of Choice: Ruger LC380(CA)

Ruger has reintroduced a conceal-carry handgun that was originally manufactured as the LC9 pistol chambered for 9mm, but has been changed to sell to California and Massachusetts buyers as LC380CA. It is chambered for .380 Auto ammunition with a capacity of 7+1 and a compact 3.5-inch barrel.
California has been trying the patience of citizens who support the Second Amendment and causing manufacturers to produce firearms that meet their draconian and comical firearms laws purported to reduce crime; yet Los Angeles remains a crime-ridden gangland city like Chicago and New York; which all three are governed by progressive socialists determined to undermine the Second Amendment and other liberties that is disappearing into the horizon. The LC380CA complies with the ridiculous and controversial microstamping law that like draconian waiting period that other states are getting rid of, is an unnecessary inconvenience to lawful citizens.
In April of 2015, the Wisconsin senate voted to repeal the 48-hour waiting period in order to update its firearm laws to their new conceal-carry permit system. The committee had shown that a waiting period of any kind has never shown any usefulness in preventing firearm crime, as other states have decided upon those facts and statistics. It only harasses licensed dealers and lawful firearm buyers unnecessarily.
Ruger has implemented the .380 Auto ammunition that is designed to be used in semi-auto firearms in an effort to produce compact pistols for easier conceal carry. As the figure above shows, Ruger has shipped, for a limited time, LC380CA pistols with a LaserMax frame-mounted red laser conveniently built into the trigger guard. 
Fate of Destinee provided a review on the standard and original LC380 two years ago:

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