Jan 6, 2014

New York Continues to Ignore Constitutional Law

Patriot Post reported:
Buffalo Federal District Court Judge William Skretny upheld New York's anti-gun “SAFE” Act – the post-Sandy Hook bill that banned standard-capacity magazines as well as semi-automatic rifles that look scary. Skretny said the law is just fine because it serves to “further the state's important interest in public safety.” Unbelievably, he also wrote that gun control “is not a judicial question; it is a political one.” Wrong. It's a question of Rule of Law – either the Constitution means what it says or politicians can do whatever they please. The case is no doubt headed to the Second Circuit, where we hope constitutional sanity prevails
Selling the Second Amendment.
How can a federal district judge not understand/know that gun control violates the Second Amendment to the US Constitution? A political question?
Banning firearms because they "look scary" is as senseless as most who serve [pretent to serve the People] in Washington, DC.

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