Jan 20, 2014

From the Range: Julie Golog - World Female Shooting Champion

Julie Golob is a world shooting champion, veteran, hunter, and author and as she puts it: living my dream. She is the captain of the Smith & Wesson shooting team and has won over 120 championship titles. She is the author of SHOOT: Your Guide to Shooting and Competition.
Julie is a member of the Prois Hunting Apparel Pro Staff and enjoys the outdoors. When she is not hunting or shooting in competition, Julie is shooting photos and sharing recipes using wild game meat.
Julie was recruited to the US Army Marksmanship Unit in 1995, where she gained experience and a reputation in practical shooting, winning the US Army Female Athlete of the Year award in 1999. She has a website where you keep up on what is going on and learn some new recipes.
With all that activities, she is also a mom.
Katie Pavlich had the opportunity to interview Julie at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, which you can read HERE. One of her points made was safety:
Everyone needs to learn firearms safety and whether you learn that through an actual firearms safety class or you learn to understand them online, it’s absolutely critical even before you start to think about purchasing a gun, or training or anything else. After that, I think it has to do with your comfort level, it’s a very personal thing. If you’re anxious about owning a firearm or shooting for the first time then you’re going to need a little bit more guidance into the process than somebody who maybe grew up around guns who is, you know, starting to get interested. So it all depends, it’s a very personal question.

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