Jan 31, 2014

Original Americans: Native Americans

Black History [should be called African American History] was celebrated for one week, but in 1976 it was extended to a month. The original people that occupied the Americas do not have a week or a month. They are Native Americans who were incorrectly called Indians because Columbus thought he had sailed to western India. In Canada, they called themselves the people/tribes of the First Nation.
So many tribes are now extinct and so much of their cultures have been lost. There should be a time of the year set aside to the original Americans, whose history goes back tens of thousands of years and beyond to prehistorical with Clovis man.
When the United States was formed from the original thirteen colonies becoming united states, the people who immigrated here were from various places in Europe, primarily British people. The story of the Native American is the story of America and the tragic events that occurred as the United States became a nation and expanded from 13 states to 50, treaty after treaty broken. The story of the Native American is the story of North, Central, and South America; whose culture suffered from expansion from the Old World to the New World. That "new" world was not new at all, some tribes developing a civilization and community to match the ancient Egyptians.
Forced to assimilate and discard their heritage, their story is just as, if not more so in terms of centuries, genocide, and lost history as tragic as the history of the African American; the latter people were forced to come to the New Word through slavery, while first Americans were forced from their historic homelands onto reservations under the authority of a corrupt and prejudice Indian Affairs department of the US government. Their children were sent to schools where they were forced to take "Christian" names and eliminate memories of their history and culture.
The following video, entitled 500 Nations, is one of the best that celebrates and examines the long history of the first Americans, an important part of the history of the United States and Canada ...
The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”― George Orwell

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