Jan 4, 2014

War Returns to Anbar Province: Fallujah and Ramadi Fall

On January 3rd, 2014, Fallujah and parts of Ramadi, Iraq fell in the hands of al Qaeda forces, reported by AFP and other news networks. Iraqi police and tribesmen battled Al-Qaeda-linked militants, who declared the occupied area an Islamic state. Along with the Al Qaeda forces were Levant (ISIL) forces from Syria – the place that Obama supported in his backwards foreign policy.
American troops fought for years with British troops and Sunni tribesmen and in the Sahwa militia forces in order to clean the area of militants. Almost one-third of their total fatalities occurred in the Anbar region. Two years after US forces withdrew from Iraq, the power of the militants returns to the province.
It began on December 30th, 2013 and the violence spread to Fallujah, where enough security forces withdrew from both cities to allow the ISIL to occupy. The ISIL is the latest incarnation of Al-Qaeda.
Today, Iraq Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki vowed to eliminate the militant groups in Anbar province.
It took three battles in the Anwar province for victory against Islamic fascists with hundreds of American troops killed or wounded and the US being able to turn over Iraq control to the newly established government in 2007. US efforts have been reversed by the inept Obama administration and its siding with factions that are part of enemies of the free world – the same factions that orchestrated the attack on September 11th, 2001. That attack on American soil justified a war to be declared on all Islamic fascists; but even during the Bush administration, policy was to tread lightly. Politicians claimed that the United States had never fought a war like this, but that is hogwash. US armed forces are trained to fight in any condition and in any climate, and against an enemy who wears no specific uniform.
Of course, our commander-in-chief certainly didn't think of this being a setback or tragedy because it did not stop him from playing golf in Hawaii.
A good examination of this and Obama's armed forces leadership is at the White House Dossier.
Keith Koffler writes that blogs articles and in an article he wrote in 2011, that Obama's policies would result in continued violence and threats to US interests.
Obama has failed from the beginning when it came to foreign affairs, many suggesting that he pick up a book and read Foreign Policy for Dummies. During his two terms he has lost good veteran military leaders, either by firing them or forcing them into retirement. The man has absolutely no military experience, but fails to listen to his military leaders whose job is to advise him on such matters. But, like Koffler wrote today:
I don’t think Obama is particularly interested in foreign policy. He wants to focus on cementing socialism in the United States, and he hopes the bad guys will just go away. Well they don’t go away unless we keep the pressure on them. And unless we kill them when we have to. That's what our men and women did in Fallujah. I mourn for those who died or were wounded in the horrific battles for the city, and for those who today are watching as their heroic effort is wasted by this president.
Well, as Secretary of State, John Kerry, announced recently, the new foreign policy for the US via Obama is using the leading from behind tactic. Back in September of 2013, Obama was considering putting boots on the ground in Syria. Why fight battles you are afraid to win? Why send American troops in harm's way when you do not intend to ensure that what is won is kept?
It is time that the US leadership start accessing more carefully how and when we use our military, and stop fighting other nation's wars that do not have direct interest with the United States.
In the case of Islamic fascists, ending their reign of terror would benefit many nations. Besides, they declared war back in 2001 and it isn't over until all factions are eliminated as organizations. It is difficult to do that when the federal government allows those same factions to work silently and diligently right here on American soil without any actions taken to remove them.
I can imagine what the Iraqi War veterans are thinking as they read and view about yet another fiasco under the inept leadership of a man who should never have been a senator, much less a president.
More evidence that all those who wish to campaign for congressional and presidential office must pass an FBI background check like other Americans who require security clearance to work for the government.

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