Dec 23, 2014

Weapons of Choice: Colt M2012 and Armalite AR-30/AR-31

The Colt M2012 family of bolt-action rifles had two new models added to the line. The M2012MT308T is chambered for .308 Winchester, designed for long sessions at the range, as well as ruggedness and accuracy. It comes accurate out of the box even including the target it was tested on. Colt has teamed up with Cooper Firearms of Montana that is part of production of the M2012MT308T, M2012LT308G, and M2012LT260G

Laminated Stock available
With custom fluted and match-grade barrel with a single stage, adjustable Timney trigger – it is a professional rifle that is used by competition shooters and hunters alike. The barrel of the M2012MT308T features a composite stock built from aircraft-grade carbon fiber and fiberglass.
Smooth Operating 3-Lug Bolt
The barrel is stainless steel and 22 inches with a match-grade 1-10” twist. It weighs 10.25 pounds without magazine and its overall length is 44 inches. The MSRP is $3,195.
The M2012LT308G is chambered for .308 Winchester and the M2012LT260G is chambered for .260 Remington. They are huntsman rifles with custom fluted, match-grade stainless steel barrel with a 1-10” twist for the .308 caliber and 1-8” for the .260 caliber. Both weigh 8.5 pounds with an overall length of 44 inches. MSRP = $2,795.
Threaded Barrel w/ Muzzle Break
The first rifle of this M2012 Colt bolt-action line of firearms is still produced, chambered for .208 Winchester with a custom fluted, match-grade stainless steel barrel with a 1-10” twist and overall length of 44 inches. Weighs 13.2 pounds without the magazine, it is a light sporting tactical rifle with a sporting rifle ergonomics platform. MSRP = $3,795.
The new additions were announced by Colt in September of 2013.
Colt Manufacturing has been working with other gun companies for some time with their bolt action rifles. 
Accuracy Test Target comes with Rifle
The Colt Sauer rifle was produced by J.P.Sauer & Son in Germany, known for their quality firearms. The company worked with Colt from 1973 to 1984, sought by collectors. The affiliation with Cooper began in 1990 by ex-Kimber employees and has been a quality manufacturer for twenty years. The first Colt/Cooper rifle, aforementioned, began with the M2012. The bolt is smooth in operation and has three lugs. The compensator is removable so you can attach a suppressor, if you wish. They come with a standard five-round magazine. Both Colt and Cooper names are stamped on the rifle.
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The thick recoil pad provides more comfort in recoil. It has received good review by Outdoor Life.
Abela's Hunt and Shoot Network provides a video review from Australia for the Colt M2012 CLR in .308 Winchester:

Another quality rifle, in competition with Colt is the Armalite AR-30A1 bolt-action rifle. It is available in .338 Lapua and .300 WM. MSRP is from $3,404 to $3,599, depending on caliber and accessories. A companion to the AR-10 semi-auto series rifle.
You might also want to check out the Armalite AR-31. It is chambered for .308 Winchester and features a short action version of the AR-30A1, accepting double-stack mags which means you can use 5-rd to 25-round mags. MSRP = $3,460.

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