Dec 11, 2014

In The News: December 2014

Comedian Jay Leno was scheduled to appear at the annual dinner of the National Shooting Sports Foundation 2015 SHOT Show in Las Vegas on January 20th. He gave in to pressure from the Michael Bloomberg funded Mom's Demand Action anti-firearm group when they organized a social media campaign against Leno. Shannon Watts heads the group and has armed security people protecting her, just as Bloomberg has his security people. Watts has been caught lying in several interviews. Watts also has said that open carry in restaurants is an example of anger and hatred of women – and other nonsensical statements. In the following video Watts will not respond to questions by Loesch because she said she was insulted by Blaze – but has frequently, in her hypocrisy, has wrongfully accused others, insulting anyone who do not believe that Americans have Second Amendment rights, as shown in this video:

Apparently, like Rosie O'Donnell, they do not believe that those who cannot afford security personnel are not allowed to defend themselves. They perform social blackmail against companies to adhere to their anti-Second Amendment agenda, much like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson does using the race-bait political tool. The group is hot-to-trot to fight with the state legislative sessions when it starts in January 2015. Despite statistical facts, they do not care about, they want firearms to disappear from the public and only allow limited types of firearms like it is in Europe (but not Scandinavia). They call it “democracy” at work. Everyone else calls it progressive socialism at work. Apparently their ignorance about firearms blends in with their ignorance about the different forms of government; as well as what type of government the Founders created.

Katie Pavlich at Townhall thinks Leno is 'cowardly' because he gave in to Bloomberg's Anti-Gun Goon Squad. Even the Facebook site provides wrong information by claiming that Jay Leno performs for gun manufacturers. False, the performance was for the National Shooting Sports Foundation.
Also read what the Twitchy Staff has to say about Watts and Leno situation.

NSSF opened its new office in The Hall of the States Building on Capitol Hill back in September, to represent the trade association for firearms and ammunition industry. The National Shooting Sports Foundation blog announced that the Democrats are planning to appoint Dr. Vivek Murthy as the Surgeon General who is known for his advocacy of making access to firearms a public health issue before the Democrats lose their majority. The acting Surgeon General is doing a fine job.
In October, a national poll commissioned by NSSF found that eight out of ten Americans believe that “gun violence” is a criminal justice issue, not a public health one. Should he be confirmed as Surgeon General, Dr. Murthy will no doubt commit himself to wasting taxpayer resources in pursuing an agenda that is completely out of sync with the American people.

The American Knife and Tool Institute (AKTI) has launched a revised version of its website, with improved features and current information about the laws concerning the knife business, as well as knife owners in every state. Members of the organization are able to see knife law information for any state, while non-members can see quick legal facts about each state. Topics include where knives are prohibited, which knives can be sold or manufactured, critical dimensions, major cities with ordinances and so on. For example, it is illegal to carry a concealed knife (“destructive device). It is legal to own and carry a bowie knife, a knife disguised as something else, like a belt buckle (but that would be 'concealed'; legal to own and open carry a ballistic knife, dirk, dagger, or other stabbing knife. Carrying a knife inside a vehicle within reach is considered a concealed weapon. Except for knives prohibited to own, like federal law against owning a switchblade knife; it is legal to carry knives in the open except those banned from owning. Gravity knives, butterfly or Balisong knives are also illegal to own. [Wis.Stat. § 941.24 (2012) & Wis.Stat. § 941.23 (2012)] Most of the knives made illegal (except federal law against switchblades) were enacted by Jim Doyle when he was the Attorney General. The Second Amendment protects the right to bear arms, which a knife is an “arm” - a weapon. Technically, as long as the particular knife is not on a ban list, a person with a concealed carry permit may carry a concealed knife.

In mid-September, NSSF released a report on the negative effects of the California ban on traditional lead ammunition. The ban was projected to cause shortages and price hikes in California. It will hurt California businesses and hunters in that state. The price for ammunition will triple the cost of ammunition. There are 50,000 hunters in California. In addition, California that has had a poor economy for decades, will see a loss of million of dollars in salaries and tax revenue; much like they chased away businesses with their draconian business laws and taxes.
Hunters are the primary source for wildlife conservation (makes sense) and the decline in hunters in California will reduce the state funding. But that is what progressive socialists do – they cut off their nose to spite their face.

Liberty Safe has acquired 9G Biometric products in an effort to improve quality of their Home Defender Series handgun vaults. The idea is to allow firearms to be stored safely, but also allow quick access in case of emergency. For example, Sarah McKinley in Oklahoma quickly retrieved her handgun and 12-gauge shotgun to protect the life of herself and her 3-month-old son when two intruders broke into her house on New Year's Eve. The shotgun belonged to her late husband. The importance of quick access to firearms for defense is important, but also a good idea to lock them up.

Cabela, Inc. is in partnership with NSSF to help prevent straw purchases of firearms by bringing increased attention to the industry's “Don't Lie for the Other Guy” program. All Cabela stores display at point-of-purchase a sign: “Don't Lie for the Other Guy” and use a video and printed material to train employees to better detect and deter straw purchases. In addition, the retailer has added informational mouse pads and educational card to all of its computer kiosks where each customer seeking to purchase firearms must electronically complete the ATF Form 4473. It will also remind the customer that they must be the actual buyer and may not acquire any firearm on behalf of another person. Federally licensed retailers are the front line in preventing illegal purchases of firearms and preventing purchasing firearms without a background check or making straw purchases.

Judge Andrew Napolitano: The CIA and Its Torturers this time the Democrats, like Senator Dianne Feinstein and the Senate Intelligence Committee are right
One of the reasons repeatedly stated by President George W. Bush for the American invasion of Iraq in 2003 was the maintenance of "torture rooms" by Saddam Hussein. While making this very argument, Bush was secretly authorizing CIA agents to engage in similar unlawful behavior for similar purposes: intelligence and deterrence. Bush sounded credible when he claimed that his administration adhered to federal and international legal standards. He knew he could make that claim because the torturers were sworn to secrecy, as were their congressional regulators. The CIA charter permits Congress to regulate the CIA in secret.The effect of the secrecy has been a muzzled Congress, lied to by law-breaking and rogue CIA officials. Until now.

Patriot Ordnance Factory (POF-USA) recently announced a new bolt-action AR-15 platform called the ReVolt. It features an easy to operate ambidextrous straight-pull bolt. The front pivot pin is replaced with a capture pin that allows the upper and lower to open, but not be taken apart. The bolt handle doubles as a scope ring tool. The rifle will be available in 5.56mm/.223 and 7.62mm/.308 calibers. The company makes other configurations AR platform rifles and gas piston assemblies. 
Their stock Patriot model in 5.56mm NATO/.223 Remington is a 16.5” barreled beauty with an A2 flash hider, 4.5-lb single stage trigger and Magpul buttstock and pistol grip as standard equipment. It features a gas-block system with a bayonet mount and a Picatinny flattop gas block rail where you can install a light fixture. Picatinny rail is also on the upper receiver for sight systems. Ambidextrous safety selector is standard as well a rotating gas plug feature in the normal, suppressed or off modes. It includes a Magpul PMAG 30-round magazine. MSRP is $1499 without a scope and other accessories. It comes with an adjustable buttstock.

FNH USA offers another bolt-action beauty available in several frame styles, the A5M XP being top-of-the-line. It is designed for competition and hunting with adjustable trigger, adjustable length-of-pull and cheekpiece, It has multiple sling or bipod mounting studs and six points for quick detach sling mounts and a premium recoil pad. The safety is three position and has an ambidextrous magazine release. The tactical box magazine offers 5 and 10-round capacity. It is chambered for the .308 Winchester and short mag. The barrel is 20 inches or 24 inches, your choice. The FN SCAR family of rifles has professional features the MK 20 SSR in 10 and 20-round capacity. It has an ambidextrous selector lever as well as magazine release with an enlarged trigger guard when wearing gloves. The gas regulator is adjustable with or without a suppressor. It is chambered for 7.62x51mm with a short-stroke gas piston and fires 600 rounds per minute. Effective range is 1000 meters and comes in a Flat Dark Earth color. M16/M4 magazines will fit 5.56mm version. The SCARS barrel can be changed within five minutes.

You'd think that after losing control of the House and Senate, Democrats would play a strategy in the 114th Congress that wouldn't alienate them from the rest of the country. But led by lawmakers from Connecticut, the Left will fight the Republican majority to enact more gun control, specifically already-legislated universal background checks. "When you don't pass background checks," Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) lectured, "it's just much more likely that someone will get their hands on an illegal gun and use it to kill their neighbors or their classmates." Sen. Richard Blumenthal joined his fellow Connecticut senator when he said, "Congress's failure to act makes it, in fact, an aider and abettor to those deaths that could be prevented." Wrong. As gun journalist Charles Cooke notes, a law enacting universal background checks will not prevent another Newtown massacre because the shooter stole the guns from his mother. In other shootings, the perpetrators bought guns legally, passing background checks. The Left's gun control goal comes at a time when 52% of Americans say the right to bear arms is more important than controlling guns in a feeble attempt to reduce crime -- the most support the Second Amendment has gotten in 20 years.
The States can best govern our home concerns and the general government our foreign ones. I wish, therefore ... never to see all offices transferred to Washington, where, further withdrawn from the eyes of the people, they may more secretly be bought and sold at market. --Thomas Jefferson, letter to Judge William Johnson, 1823

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