Dec 17, 2014

Weapons of Choice: Beretta Pico and Nano Semi-Automatic

The Beretta Pico, introduced in October 2014, is a new line of firearms the prestigious company offers that is the smallest conceal carry semi-automatic on the market, so far. It is only 18mm wide and is chambered for the .380 semi-auto cartridge. It has adjustable sights, a low-recoil mechanism and a tough finish that will last for decades with proper care. It weighs only 11.5 oz unloaded and is a double-action only pistol. Stainless steel and polymer constructed, it is easy to maintain and sweat resistant. 

Disassembled Pico
It is similar to the Nano, but smaller. It will probably be popular for women who conceal carry because it will fit into a small purse and less obtrusive when worn in holster on body. The Beretta Nano is a 9mm conceal carry that is also popular with female conceal carry but while compact, it is larger than the Pico.
Beretta has been shipping out the Pico to distributors since the fall, making it a possible Christmas present for the female in the house.

My only complaint is that it does not have a safety selector.
I have not fired the Pico yet, but the experienced and reputable Hickok 45 has, and here is the video that presents the pocket pistol:

The Pico is an excellent firearm if you like the ankle holster some carry as a backup weapon along with their waistband or shoulder-harness larger frame, larger caliber pistol. Nano is a good choice if compact is required but larger than a pocket pistol.
Beretta Nano
Check these two pistols out and other Beretta line of firearms at your local dealer.

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