Dec 15, 2014

Weapons of Choice: CMMG Ak47 Mutant

CMMG makes AR platform rifles in .22Lr (Mk4), 5.56mm (Mk4), .308 WIN (Mk3), 300BLK (Mk4), and 9mm (Mk9). Now there is the Mk47 in 7.62x39mm (Russian-AK ammo) it calls the “Mutant”. It is an AK47 platform with the modular ability of an AR-15, where you can upgrade the trigger, pistol grip, and stock.
Mk47-Mutant-T, click to enlarge
It features a receiver based upon their Mk3 platform made from 7075-T6 aluminum designed to fire 7.62x39mm with a hefty bolt whose lower receiver accepts all standard AK magazines, and 16.1” barrel. Each rifle comes equipped with one 30-round AK PMAG with the entry level rifle (Mk47 Mutant T) MSRP of $1,499.
Mk47 Mutant AKM
The Mk47AKM is an upgrade from the basic model that features the same features of the model above in 7.62x39 cartridges, but includes an MOE pistol grip, CTR butt stock, SV muzzle brake. MSRP = $1,649.95
Mk47 Mutant AKM2
The Mk47 Mutant AKM2 is the ultimate in the series with an MSRP of $1,849.95. Same as above but includes a Geissele SSA trigger.
Hickock 45 has range tested the rifle and here is the results:
The Soviet intermediate cartridge, 7.62x39mm, delivers plenty of energy on target. It is the cartridge that is produced more than any ammo in the world – and economical, especially in large quantities. The downer is that it has limited as to the firearms that are chambered for it – AK47 style rifles only. I had a Mauser in that caliber and it was a great rifle – great even for deer hunting.
Turnbull Mfg made a TAR-15 model that was chambered in 7.62x39, but no longer offers it – sticking to the 5.56mm. Too bad because Turnbull has some beautiful charcoal-blue finishes with professional engraving as an option. Turnbull produces a beautiful TAR-40 in .308 caliber that is charcoal blued and features walnut stock and forend instead of the usual AR material. It comes with a Picatinny top rail on upper receiver and you can order it with one of their quality scopes and halo sight systems that they will mount their at the factory.
Turnbull TAR-40
As you saw in the video, Hitchcock 45gave the Mutant rifle a good review, noticing that it is built well. It has plenty of rail space with slots at 3, 6, and 9 o'clock positions. The bolt is heftier than the AR-15, as the comparison photo below shows:
Gun Digest photo
The Mk9 series of rifles is chambered for 9mm and has four models to choose from, the PDW pictured above has an MRSP of $1,199.95. It is on a Mk4 PDW platform that is the most compact of the rifle series that includes a nitrided 4140 steel barrel and free floating hand guard, along with standard Magpul MOE adjustable stock, pistol grip and trigger guard. People that like defense weapons where the ammunition can be interchanged from rifle to semi-auto pistol and pistol to rifle, 9mm version may be your choice. 
Many cowboy-action rifles/pistols have interchangeable ammunition in .45 Long Colt, .357 MAG, or .45-70 in reproduction models from the days of the old West. To round off their cowboy-action armory, they include either the 1897 lever-action 12-gauge shotgun or the Stagecoach double-barrel 12 gauge. 
1873 Trapper Rifle in .357 Magnum
Uberti Cattleman, .357 Magnum
Double-Barrel, Hammered Stagecoach 12 Gauge Shotgun
But I digress ...
If you are an enthusiast that likes the versatility of the 7.62 cartridge (x39mm) – good for home defense and ballistics capable of deer hunting; as well as cheap ammo – the Mutant is the rifle for you.

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