Dec 13, 2014

Second Amendment News: December 2014

Is it not a shame that a state named after our first president has retained state legislators on a path to counter against the Second Amendment, one of the 39 delegates of the Constitutional Convention who signed the US Constitution?
Recently I-594 was passed to create a massive government database of law-abiding handgun owners. Legislators of that state attest that it is only a beginning of draconian gun control laws sponsored by a group of anti-gun folks of Washington state who have raised $7 million as they join Michael Bloomberg in the march against the Second Amendment.
Under the new law, every time a handgun is transferred, the person receiving the handgun will have their name added to the government database being maintained by the state Department of Licensing.
They have not learned their lesson, nor have they learned from the past that such regulations and laws only affects law-abiding citizens – and does nothing to stop criminal activities involving firearms. It is because criminals ignore laws because that is why they are designated criminals.
Seattle Times, Sandy Brown:
The people of Washington State have made crystal clear that they expect our elected officials to take action on policies that will save lives.
Anti-gun activists will start keeping a “scorecard” on key votes in order to document which legislators “stand with us on sensible gun policies, and which legislators stand with the gun lobby.”

In Beloit, Wisconsin, a press release by the police chief (Norm Jacobs) on December 1st urged city residents to volunteer warrantless police searches of their homes for firearms. I wonder how many residents volunteered? It is an act that is against the Second and Fourth Amendments. The police chief got the idea from surprise home inspections of those having gun licenses in the United Kingdom. The police chief was quoted saying:
We need to consider potential crime guns as if they were the Ebola Virus and deal with them similarly to a health care issue.
Fortunately, sensible Beloit city officials stepped in and halted the police chief's plan. The city manager of Beloit stated:
At this time, the department is withdrawing its offer under this initiative, and will be submitting the program to the City’s legal office for further review.
Public reaction to the program was definitely negative.
As the NRA wrote:
In the future, we suggest he leave the “health care issues” and house calls to local doctors and start brushing up on police tactics for dealing with actual bad guys.

A recent poll by Pew Research Center for the People and the Press found that 57% of Americans (polled) believe that gun ownership does more to protect people from crime, while only 38% believe guns do more to put people at risk.
The poll shows a 25% increase of people who believe gun ownership protects and reduces crime.
Ladd Everitt of the Washington Times stated that the wording of the survey might have influenced the results. He belongs to a group of Americans who want to reinterpret the Second Amendment that clearly states that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. It could not be any more clear, just as the poll's questions.

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