Dec 11, 2014

Gun Control Should Not Be a Health Issue

One of the things about the government getting involved with health care that I warned folks about was that 'medical professionals' have gotten into the gun control fray; which started when the CDC (Center for Disease Control) got involved with gun control using the excuse that it concerned 'public health'.
Mike Weisser at a Huffington Post blog calls himself “Mike the Gun Guy” - but it is misleading like 98% of what progressives write about. It should be: 'Mike the Anti-Gun Guy'. Oddly, he states he has been in the gun business as a retailer, wholesaler, importer, and firearms trainer with an NRA life membership – having a Ph.D. In economic history. Is it not hypocrisy to make a living for 35 years selling firearms and then provide ammunition for the anti-gun movement?
On November 24, 2014, he posted an article entitled: We Need to Treat Gun Violence for What It Is: A Chronic Medical Condition. In another article, he criticizes the NRA that he belong to as a life member. Huh?
The US National Library of Medicine – National Institutes of Health provided input concerning youth mortality caused by violence. Like all anti-gun folks, they point the blame toward firearms instead of a clear issue about our society. It also shows that the mortality rate was the highest among African-Americans. Is the problem about guns purchased legally with a background check or guns bought off the street by those running guns from various illegal sources?
The answer to the issue concerning violence among teens to a progressive is to take away firearms from anybody. We can see how well that works in the United Kingdom with the Islamic Jihadists there who commit violence against non-Muslims without the use of firearms.
Would it not be correct to determine how a 12- to 16-year-old can get hold of a firearm? It is against the law, but then again, criminals do not concern themselves with laws. That is the rub against anti-Second Amendment people – they annoy firearm owners with draconian regulations and hinder the right of self defense by people who are lawful – while the criminals continue to access firearms illegally and use them in the same vein.
With the government commandeering health care, it will evolve like everything a progressive touches, into loss of civil and constitutional rights.
Mike Bazinet is the Public Affairs Director for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, (NSSF)who wrote:
An overwhelming 84% of survey respondents said gun violence is a criminal justice issue rather than a public health issue, such as viruses. An even higher 88% of respondents said that they do not think the CDC should spend resources on studying the use of guns in crime rather than studying viruses and disease. Some 71% of respondents said that the federal government should not classify gun violence as a public health issue.
Paul Hsieh at Forbes wrote that murder is not a medical problem in regards to disease. …
Like many physicians, I’ve seen numerous unfortunate gun-related injuries and deaths over the years. I understand the perspective of fellow physicians who are appalled by gun violence. After the 2012 Sandy Hook murders, ER physician Dr. David Newman wrote a moving piece for the New York Times entitled, “At the ER, Bearing Witness to Gun Violence.” He recounted tragic tales of innocent children injured by firearms. He called gun violence an “American epidemic” that posed a “threat to public health.” Dr. Newman also declared, “I have sworn an oath to heal and to protect humans. Guns, invented to maim and destroy, are my natural enemy.”
He also wrote:
Gun violence is not an epidemic. … In contrast, “gun violence is typically caused by malicious or negligent misuse of a firearm outside of legitimate settings such as hunting, shooting sports, or lawful self-defense.
It was the medical community that caused firearm manufacturers (like S&W) to install gun lock systems which has caused problems in the higher caliber range of engaging at the wrong time. The idea was to prevent firearm accidents when children get hold of a firearm without adult supervision. Like most of the gun control regulations – it does not do what was intended.
Even the Daily Caller wrote:
More than eight out of ten Americans say that the misuse of guns in violent crimes is a matter for the criminal justice system, not a public health issue, and that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) should not spend resources on the study of “gun violence” but instead concentrate on viruses and disease.
Politicians, like Barack Obama tells us they are 'listening to the American people' – but it is just a smoke-and-mirror, dog-and-pony show, like government transparency and accountability.
As Mike Weisser, “the gun guy” wrote:
The American College of Physicians has just released a survey covering attitudes of its members towards gun violence. This was the second survey conducted by the ACP on medical attitudes towards guns, the previous having been published in 1998. In the earlier survey, while 90 percent of the respondents believed gun violence to be a public health issue, less than 20 percent stated that they engaged in prevention counseling with patients.
So that means as the government takes over your health care issues, it will bleed off into the continual movement to disregard the Second Amendment, rights and liberties of American citizens. Even when the Affordable Care Act began its march towards national health care, things were not going as planned and thus far, Americans are spending 3.5% more on health care than before Obamacare went into effect. It is not what was promised and opposite of what Obama and associates promised in lowering costs.
The Founders provided a foundation of the government they created by limiting its powers for a good reason. They feared what government would become as it has evolved today as politicians and control freaks slowly took over. Indeed, decades ago they changed the description of our government from republic to democracy – something that was never intended by the Founders as one can readily see by reading the US Constitution and the Federalist Papers. Indeed, it has sparked a movement for a constitutional convention, something that has not occurred in 227 years. It is meant to provide an amendment in order to curtail federal powers that has grown gradually over several decades – pointing towards socialism and killing the constitutional republic. Despite anti-constitutional actions being taken, nothing has been done about it except complain during the Obama presidential terms; mostly because of the progressives using the race-baiting tool.
Like the IRS, the CDC has become powerful. In the case of the former, it can ruin a person's life without trial and impose penalties and interest upon alleged tax errors without being found guilty in a court of law. The only way to remove that unlawful power is to repeal the 16th Amendment and replace the income tax with a consumption flat-rate tax. The way to stop government from taking over our choices concerning health care is to repeal the Affordable Care Act. One of the ways to protect the Second Amendment is to ensure that justices are chosen that will actually preserve and protect constitutional law.
As I stated so many times, government cannot be reformed without reformation of our society and taking federal control out of our educational system and turn it over to state and local authorities. Our youths' education should not be part of any government indoctrination program. Focus should remain to be academic, minus social programs and less emphasis upon sports activities, apart from actual physical education for the fitness of the body is as important as the fitness of the mind.
Freedom of choice requires responsibility, and our youth is being raised in an atmosphere of not taking responsibility and ignoring the importance of values and moral duty to each other and the preservation of constitutional law. Something that Obama has not adhered to ...
There is something wrong with a government that insists that is citizens do not have the right to protect themselves, use taxpayer funding to maintain camps to keep them in, purchase armored vehicles to use against citizens; all the while allowing Islamic Jihad training camps to operate, subversive organizations to exist like CAIR and La Raza, indoctrinating children to be more loyal to state than their parents, and use members of the medical profession to take away Second Amendment rights.We send troops to other nations while we are being invaded at our own border while the executive branch ignores immigration laws in place insisting that immigration requires 'reform'. More criminals and terrorist factions will cross our border thanks to Obama and company and at the same time telling Americans they cannot defend themselves.
There is no greater disaster than to underestimate danger. During my military career a prime lesson that comes from Sun Tsu's Art of War was instilled:
If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.

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