Dec 22, 2014

Christian Persecution in US Armed Forces

Allen West, formerly an officer in the US Army and former member of Congress posted:
I received a very disturbing letter and call to action from a mentor, friend, American warrior, and Executive Vice President of the Family Research Council, Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin. … as you can see in this below letter of admonition, CPT Lawhorn’s commander at Ft. Benning, Col David G. Fivecoat issued the Army Chaplain a letter of concern for speaking of his faith –a letter that will go into CPT Lawhorn’s personnel file that has adverse consequences for selection for promotion. … Ladies and gents, please join in and sign the petition to have this letter removed and perhaps a letter of reprimand should be placed in Col Fivecoat’s personnel file. Thus incident is appalling and we should all be outraged over the persecution of Christian faith in our military.
The letter is posted at Allen West's website.
Back in November of 2013, this military policy that was instigated by President Obama as commander-in-chief, who has continually assures us that Islam is a religion of peace and whose Department of Education has introduced instruction about the Five Pillars of Islam – was reported by CNS News in an article entitled: Christians Face Culture of Fear, Intimidation in U.S. Military Today.
The Chaplain Corps of the US Army was established long ago and has traditionally been a multi-denomination staff to provide faith, guidance, and encouragement.
Indeed, Christians are being persecuted in various nations across the world; especially violent in Islamic nations. As David Limbaugh wrote in August 2014:
Many reject the notion that a good segment of our popular culture and of our political class is at war with Christianity. But this is a real war -- not a phony one, such as the left's manufactured "war on women." This hostility toward Christianity is a global phenomenon. Radical Muslims are targeting, persecuting and, in many cases, slaughtering Christians in numerous countries around the world. But I want to talk about a softer form of hostility -- though nevertheless of serious concern -- that is occurring in the United States.
The First Amendment contains two religion clauses -- the free exercise clause, which guarantees that we may freely exercise our religion, and the establishment clause, which prohibits the federal government from establishing a national religion or national church. Thomas Jefferson, in a letter to the Danbury Baptists, used the expression "wall of separation between Church & State," but that language is not in the Constitution. The establishment clause is the provision that secularists and activist courts have used to argue the Constitution dictates this separation. But it was never intended to and, though courts have dramatically expanded it beyond the framers' intent, still does not require any such strict separation.
From the military to the classroom, Christianity is under assault in the US, wrote Todd Starnes for Townhall Magazine. [November 2014]
August 2013, Elisabeth Meinecke wrote that Persecution of Christians is in America.
All of this has happened on the watch of BH Obama as President and Commander-in-Chief of US Armed Forces.
Was this the “Hope and Change” he promised to voters who did not seem to care about knowing the details of his idea of “Change” in the United States. It was more important to too many voters that he was the 'first' “Black” President of the United States. Choosing a candidate because of skin pigmentation instead of qualification is a racist act; just as it is wrong to not choose a candidate because of race.
The fiber of the founding principles and the attack upon the majority of Americans who follow Judeo-Christian belief.
The reason for the season, Christmas, is the celebration of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth who came to be known as “Christ” should be a time of family fellowship and religious tradition of 'goodwill and peace' not a cultural war that endangers the unity of the United States and defies the First Amendment. It is also the time of the Jewish Festival of Lights, called Hanukkah, which coincides with Christmas.
Do not give into the atheists and progressive socialists – have a Merry Christmas.

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