Dec 23, 2014

Big Government, Big Brother Scenario in Anti-Gun Video

Charles Cook shows a compelling anti-gun video at that depicts what has been predicted - federal control of our education system is turning our children into 'patriots' of the state, where children turn in their parents. 
In this case, the mother exercises her Second Amendment rights to protect her dwelling, herself, and her son. And where does such things end? 
Michael Bloomberg not only wants to take away Second Amendment rights, but other rights - like what you drink and eat. Where does Big Government end and rights and liberties begin? Freedom of choice is part of the natural law that Thomas Jefferson was talking about in the Declaration of Independence. 
People like those supporting the PSA and other gun-control movements think that if firearms are outlawed and citizens do not have them that violent crime will go away. In countries that forbid firearms that concept is blown out of the water with reality; as well as here in the United States.
Big Brother government is heading our way, just like the novel 1984, unless We the People insist that the constitutional republic be returned in the manner and form that the Founders created - not what the political and social elite wants everyone to do. 
The hypocrisy of the leftist cult today is clearly defined in the Samuel L. Jackson PSA video, an actor who has performed violence on the screen like that in Pulp Fiction. Or how about Django Unchained?

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