Dec 22, 2014

Holiday Hunt in Wisconsin

The Holiday Hunt for anterless deer from December 24th to January 1st, 2015 will soon begin in the Southern Farmland Zone in Wisconsin.
This is the first year antlered bucks will not be harvested during the Holiday Hunt that includes archery and crossbow hunters.
All hunters, except waterfowl hunters, must wear blaze orange during the hunt.
A map of the management deer zones is available in PDF, as well as at the DNR site by entering the keyword “deer” in search box.
The following video is about the 2014 nine-day gun deer hunt:

Here is a video that shows the easiest method of dressing a deer:

Here is another 'how-to' video on dressing a deer from the land down under …

Linda's Pantry offers some tips on processing deer meat:

Canning stew, Linda's Pantry:

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