Jan 24, 2015

After Action Report, 2015 SHOT Show: Glock Generation 4 Series with MOS

Glock 41 with MOS [Modular Optic System]
I am liking the new Glock “G” Models: G34 (9mm), G35 (.40 Cal), G41 (.45 ACP), and G40 (10mm Auto). It has the lines of a classic semi-auto and the quality of a Glock. The only thing I have had against Glock and similar “boxy” pistols was its shape. 
True, the new “G” generation models are full size in the model numbers listed above, but then, except for detective special revolvers, like the snub-nose .38 – I prefer a full-size military style - concealed with a Miami shoulder holster. 
And that brings to mind that the US Army has been talking about dumping Beretta for something else, indication when they were not interested in evaluating the new Beretta M9A3. Could the Glock G41 in .45 caliber or the G34 in 9mm be on the consideration list? Is that what prompted Glock to produce the design?
Glock 41 Comparison
Another great thing about the Generation 4 Glocks is that it is available in MOS [Module Optic System] configuration that provides the shooter with a choice of mounting the sight of their choice with only a few tools. Reflex sights are getting more popular, so Glock has designed a system for those who want them on their pistols. Nice thing about mounting is you can choose what brand of optics (four choices) you want to mount. The optic brand choices are: EOTECH, Trijicon RMR, C-MORE, and Leopold Delta.
If you would like to see which brand passes an overall test, check out the video at a previous article about reflex sights.
The model line was featured at the 2015 SHOT Show. Gunny interview at Glock range post:
The Glock power Generation 4 pistols, including 10mm, was also featured at the Glock Booth, 2015 SHOT Show:
As the video stated, you can choose between iron sights and reflex sights and change it back and forth as you please.
If you like Glock, then you need to check out the Generation 4 pistols. Guys like Gunny and I, who like military style firearms are going to go for the new sleek Glock semi-autos.
The G41 in .45 ACP seems to be a popular model thus far, but the 10mm model G40 might be its competitor in the Glock line real soon. 
According to American Rifleman, thus far the best performing ammunition is the ASYM 230-grain Match Hardball full-metal-jacket .45 ACP.
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