Jan 15, 2015

In the News: Michigan and New York

Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan vetoed two pro-gun bills that would have rescinded the need for Michigan's system of county gun boards who oversee conceal carry permits. While both bills passed the state legislature, the governor was allegedly persuaded to not sign the bill, despite the ability to decommission the useless and costly boards and measures that would reduce permit costs and improved the state's permit renewal process. It is a case of government with power beyond limitations that refuses to reform despite proof of a problem in the system.
An email from Governor Snyder to Guns.com stated:
While the bills include a number of reforms I support, they also include changes to he concealed pistol licensing requirements that may increase the risks of violence and intimidation faced by victims of domestic abuse who seek protection in court.

Senate Bills 789 and 790 would have eliminated the review board process of issuing concealed carry permits and turn over the responsibility to the county clerks like other state governments to ensure that the applicant meets all requirements and passes a background check from the State Police. It would have removed an unnecessary part of the red tape procedures of applying for concealed carry in Michigan; and still meet the fingerprint and background check requirements.

New York City police are looking for a gunman who shot a man in an elevator, then fleeing the scene. It was caught on video. In New York, lawful citizens are not allowed to defend themselves so that leaves only criminals and the police with firearms. The US Supreme Court is not doing its job to ensure that all state and local governments comply with the US Constitution and its amendments.

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