Jan 19, 2015

"American Sniper" Film Box Office Hit - Sniped by Michael Moore

American Sniper, directed by Clint Eastwood was a box office hit that totaling to $105 million. It is about the famous US Navy SEAL sniper, Chris Kyle, whose record was 160 confirmed kills and 255 probable kills.
What does the mainstream media write about it? Not much of a rave review, CNN stating it 'breeds controversy' and in the case of Michael “No-Neck” Moore, an insult to an American hero in which he wrote on Twitter
My uncle killed by sniper in WW2. We were taught snipers were cowards. Will shot u in the back. Snipers aren't heroes, And invaders r worse.
Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle
This was written at the time American Sniper made its debut. As Cortney O'Brien wrote:
I'm not sure if Mr. Moore has seen "American Sniper." If he did, he would have seen that Chris Kyle, along with other courageous snipers, spent years defending our country on dangerous tours. He was chased, shot at, targeted and hunted – for us. His perfectly placed bullets helped save countless American soldiers' lives. One more piece of advice for Mr. Moore: Take a look at the footage of Chris Kyle's funeral. Thousands of people lined the I-35 in Texas as his body was transported to Austin for burial at the Texas State Cemetery. They stood waving American flags and saluting his casket as it drove by. I wonder if those people think Chris Kyle is a coward?
Read the interview with Taya Kyle, Chris Kyle's wife with People magazine. 
The film did so well it has already been entered as an Oscar nominee for Best Picture and other nominations. It is the first film about the Iraq War that has done well at opening - more than well, making an opening weekend record of $105 million.
Another hit for Eastwood who directs as well as he acts and, actor/producer, Bradley Cooper will probably be nominated for Best Actor, who stated in an interview the film was a life-changing experience for him.
Chris Kyle died working with fellow veterans with psychological stress associated with combat tours. Michael Moore never served in the military and has made a life-long ambition discounting anything good about the United States and its people. Opinions are a constitutional right, but ignoring facts and making up stuff to back that opinion is not.
Chris Kyle was a hero on the battlefield and in private life, and Americans need a real hero today because the "home of the brave" is becoming overrun by hypocrisy and whining wimps like Michael Moore. Tara Kyle has taken up the banner of Chris and continued his work helping others.
People like Michael Moore readily put down what has made our nation great, sullied our heroes, and in turn make excuses and denies who the real enemy is that kills indiscriminately and commits mass murder. There are those who accept what freedom offers but wants to change the system believing it is better; the proverbial 'dog that bites the hand that feeds it'.
Snipers and those serving in the US and allied forces to combat the likes of those that commit atrocities of crime against humanity are true Americans, not overweight propagators of socialism, hypocrisy, and insisting upon collectivism instead of individual freedom. Not for themselves, but for others; for they are self-imposed members of society's egotistical elite. Saddam Hussein, like Adolph Hitler and Osama bin Laden, asked for what they got, and it is time that other murderous barbarians join them.
John Ransom write an excellent piece at Townhall about the despicable Mr. Moore. 

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