Jan 19, 2015

Wisconsin DNR Winter Report

Today is the last day for the Winter Free Fishing Weekend (Jan 17-18) for “hard water” fishing [ice fishing]. Ice fishing gear is available at 19 loaner sites, eight of them are at state parks with fishing access. Check out the Wisconsin DNR website for fishing equipment loans for the site near you.
For any questions pertaining to angling, call 608-266-2272 or email at theresa.stabo@wisconsin.gov

Snowy Owl
This is the second year that the beautiful snowy owl has returned in large numbers in Wisconsin. Robert Brady, Wisconsin DNR, reports that 239 different owls have been reported across the state, while last year there were 224. Both numbers are above average. Originally it was thought that the reason for the increased numbers is a temporary shortage of Canadian arctic lemming, a rodent that is favored prey of the owls. More recent evidence shows that the lemmings population has increased, which in turn the owls raise larger families and the young owls fly to southward regions. In Wisconsin the snowy owl feeds upon voles, mice, shrews, and other plentiful small field rodents. Snowy owls are big enough to feed upon rabbits, weasels, pigeons, and ducks. You can find snowy owls during the day, dawn, and dusk periods around airports and farms from Green Bay to Appleton, Collins Marsh State Wildlife area, Horicon Marsh, Antigo area, Superior in Dunn County, Milwaukee lakefront, and along Highway 29 corridor between Wausau and Eau Claire. Wisconsin DNR has snowy owls observation recommendations:
  • Do not feed owls mice or other prey, which will cause them to rely on humanity instead of finding its natural food sources.
  • Minimize the use of flash photography, especially after dark.
  • Always get permission from landowner before entering private property – most folks do not mind bird and wild life watchers walking about.
Snowy owls usually return to their native habitat in arctic Canada in March.

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