Jan 29, 2015

Sharia Law in Texas? You've Got To Be Kidding

As Pamela Geller wrote:
This is how it starts. This is how it started in the United Kingdom. ...officials all assured the British public and the world that they would be voluntary, restricted to matters involving non-criminal matters …
Yes, Christians are not allowed to pray in public schools, public display of the Ten Commandments is constantly contested, and other things that has to do with Christianity is persecuted and contested. But, hey, it's okay to institute Sharia law via a Muslim 'tribunal' in Texas (or any state of the Union). Is that right?
I will say it like I have said it so many times … when someone decides to emigrate to another country, they must realize that they must adopt its culture, language, and its civic laws or just stay the hell home. One does not leave one's country with the idea of establishing their own culture and law, creating their own cultural region and neighborhoods in the adopted country. That is NOT immigration – that IS invasion.
The UK has been warned about their complacency about this matter; but they insist upon being tolerant to intolerant immigrants. I hope they wake up in time.
The situation gets more difficult as those intolerant invaders become citizens and establish themselves through propagation. Jews are persecuted and treated with far less respect; yet they do not impose their religion and its religious doctrine upon any nation they decide to adopt. It is one of the reasons it astonishes me how anti-semitism has developed over the centuries. I realize that moron Christians, once upon a time, blamed the entire Jewish race for the crucifixion of Jesus, their Christ – which is preposterous because Jesus was a Jew. The first followers of Jesus were Jews. It was not until after his death that his disciples spread his message and converted pagan Gentiles.
Islamic tribunals set up their own divorce courts. This is not acceptable in a nation like ours with a constitution and Bill of Rights.
I never want to see what happened in 1942 reenacted when Japanese Americans were treated in a despicable manner via an Executive Order signed by the hero of the Democrat Party, Franklin D. Roosevelt. Where a people, because of their race and nothing else, are incarcerated into camps only allowed to take one piece of luggage per person. All without due process of any law or any specific charges of wrong doing they were literally incarcerated. Such a thing was never heard of in the United States and no one protested because they would be looked upon as 'anti-American'.
FDR pushed socialist policies upon domestic issues, created by Woodrow Wilson via the Federal Reserve, et cetera. We have a president today who thinks nothing of defying the Constitution and Congress through his abuse of the power of Executive Order.
Sharia law is not US Constitutional law and cannot be tolerated in a free society - US Constitution is the law of the land - every state within the Union must comply. If immigrants want Sharia law, then stay where they came from or emigrate to a country that has it. Don't emigrate to another country and tailor it to suit one's culture and laws that counter the adopted country.
Those that put up with this subversive activity are not being tolerant, they are naïve and do not see what such people have for an agenda. We can see the results in European nations. It is best to “nip it in the bud” before it blooms to a national crisis and internal violent nature like we read about in Europe. 
Do you want neighborhoods like in Europe that law enforcement will not enter because of the violence and lawless attitudes of those who live in that community?
Progressives who call themselves “liberal” do not understand about drawing lines and believe that our Constitution and its amendments are malleable like silly putty – forming whatever suits their ideology and political agenda.
Well, if we do not want to follow the suit of Europe – America better wake up and voters make sure that those that operate our government, both state and federal, do so under the US Constitution and not some foreign law instituted by invaders who call themselves immigrants.
If Muslims want tolerance then they should remember that tolerance goes both way; if not, the First Amendment does not apply.
How blind can one be when they send American armed forces personnel to fight against an enemy of the free world that is ruled by Sharia law – and then allow it to be instituted within the nation that those men and women serve?
That is not tolerance, that is stupidity. 
Subversive activities must be logically recognized and organizations that conduct subversive and unconstitutional acts must be lawfully dealt with. I hope the United Kingdom and other Euro nations wake up before it becomes a terrible upheaval resulting in civil war, or worse. 
The people on this planet should be looking toward the future, not reverting to the medieval period of human history nor a repeat of the Crusades. It is better to tell immigrants that if they want to force We the People to change our laws, culture and established language - just go back from whence they came. There are plenty of immigrants waiting in line who want to be Americans and not establish neighborhoods and regions that are a mirror of the society from whence the came.
Tolerant Muslims are welcome - the rest can stay where they came from.


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