Mar 31, 2015

A Postscript for Britannia, From the Foxhole

This royal throne of kings, this sceptered isle, This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars, This other Eden, demi-paradise, This fortress built by Nature for herself Against infection and the hand of war, This happy breed of men, this little world, This precious stone set in the silver sea, Which serves it in the office of a wall Or as a moat defensive to a house, Against the envy of less happier lands,-- This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England.
[King Richard II, Act 2, scene 1 – William Shakespeare
It is a strange and saddening affair indeed as once the island of nations formerly called Great Britain are being subverted from within, heading for a road of no return from 7th century mentality and Sharia law. 
The Islamic Jihadists are doing what the Nazi could not do during the beginning events of World War II. The United Kingdom, united by England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland; survived centuries of strife and invasion by the Romans, Normans, and Norsemen and internal strife will be felled by political correctness and insistence upon being tolerant to an intolerant 7th century theocracy. The United States has begun that path by more citizens accepting socialist political ideology, forgetting what its Founders worked so hard to achieve. France is in the same predicament and other free nations of Europe, Philippines, and Australia to follow soon. Only Asia, dominated by China and Russia are less affected.
There are organizations and groups fighting against this growing cancer, but the youth of free nations, including the US, are being recruited via the Internet and college campus indoctrination, amazingly still insisting that Islam is a religion of peace. It could be if sharia law were outlawed and they lived in peace with the “People of the Book”.
The UAF, Unite Against Fascism, formed in 2003, that is anti-Nazi, against racism, as well as trade unions and the British National Party. It claims that there is a danger of rising fascism, but is silent about the encroachment of Islamic fascism and Jihad who promote anti-Semitism, anti-homosexual, sexism, and acts of violence and hate against all who do not follow Sharia law.
The English Defence League is against Sharia law and its fascist policy that supports killing apostates (Muslims converting to Christianity or denouncing Islam), killing homosexuals, stoning women to death for adultery, child arranged marriage of young girls to old men, inferiority of women in law, inferiority of non-Muslims in law, and barbaric laws like amputation for crimes. Of course, because this line of thinking and protests, the organization has been dubbed 'Islamophobic', the usual rebuttal against truthful accusation and realistic description of evil that seems to be engulfing the world. Reading the news about events in the UK, one wonders if anyone is listening to the warnings of EDL. The British media describes the organization as 'far right' or 'right-wing' and accuses them of racism and fascism, that which the group is clearly against. Ideologically, it appears that chaos reigns in Britannia.
As Lee Jay Walker wrote:
The EDL is against Islamic terrorism irrespective of the color of the individual and race is not even on the agenda. Martin Smith then continues that the EDL“…has increasingly been staging attacks on trade unionists, socialists, anti-cuts campaigners and other traditional targets of fascism as well as members of ethnic minorities.”
The UAF has been spreading lies with the help of the press against the EDL, and despite attempts at peaceful protests, violence breaks out when the UAF shows up in counter-protest.
Warnings against the incorporation of Sharia law in free nations seem markedly unheeded, worst of all by national leadership who believe all will be well if tolerance is provided to an intolerant entity.
Fascism is what it is, whether it is called Nazism or Islamic fascism – it is a reality that must be dealt with if the old lion of Britannia is to remain a free nation. It has already succumbed to socialist ideology in several ways, a road that too many Americans have taken.
Meanwhile, Muslim gangs have taken over British neighborhoods and turn girls into sex slaves while few are being prosecuted. The gangs operate under the umbrella of Sharia law, Muslims taking infidel girls as captives and use them as slaves. Robert Spencer has reported that the girls abducted are non-Muslim.
But the worst aspect of the story is that British authorities have known about this for years, have covered up the extent of it, have declined to prosecute and are continuing to do so for fear of charges of racism, Islamophobia and of losing Muslim votes.

As of a consensus of 2011, the second largest religion in the United Kingdom is Islam, a population of Muslims in 2011 being 2,786,635. Most of those Muslims live in England, 76,737 in Scotland, 45,590 in Wales, and 3,832 in Northern Ireland. In the same year it was reported that about 10,000 UK citizens converted to Islam, 40,000 more than 2001. What could possibly attract people to a religion with the 7th century ideology to become a world theocracy; as well as promote intolerance while demanding tolerance?
The areas with the largest concentration of Muslims are Bradford, Luton, Blackburn, Birmingham, London, and Dewsbury. In Scotland it is Glasgow and Edinburgh. There are also high numbers in Northern England like Manchester, Liverpool, and mill towns.
I wrote about this sort of subversion for years, beginning with Lighthouse Journal. It was a warning, not a delusional conspiracy ideology or an intolerant attitude; but dealt with reality. If Muslims want to live in peace they must be as tolerant as they expect everyone else to be – and dissolve their doctrine of violence and inequality. At this point, it appears it will not happen peacefully.
Once the Muslims dominate the political infrastructure, you can bet so will liberties dissolve and Sharia is introduced into the system creating a theocracy. Has not Europe had enough of the theocracy of the medieval period under the rule of the Roman Catholic Church?
What part of history do they not see can be relived with tyranny just having a different name?
How can people willingly give up freedom for such political and social doctrine?
It is sad and perplexing to see a noble nation filled with rich history be brought to its knees by such evil; and worse, welcoming such a change.
Some people just do not realize what is lost until it is gone. It is hard to imagine such a fate of people of the Churchill era who fought so valiantly and suffered so greatly to keep fascism at bay that was rampant across the English Channel, be set upon them a two generations later. Today, the UK has two set of law systems since they added Sharia law. According to Robert Spencer, they have Muslim judges as well. There are 'peaceful' Sharia patrols
If you think this could not happen in the US, think again. The concept of incorporation of Sharia law has surfaced in Texas and Minnesota. In Michigan, it has been already established. Unbelievably, in 2012, a court ruled that banning Sharia law was unconstitutional. In 2014, Alabama became the 8th state to ban Sharia law.

There is only one set of laws of the United States - the Constitution and its amendments. Sharia law is theocratic and thus unconstitutional. By establishing theocratic law within our system is against the First Amendment in that government cannot establish religion, and Sharia is definitely religious-civic law that continues 7th century mentality. It is against the Civil Rights Act. We the People, here and in the UK and France need to cry loudly - "We've had enough!"

I hope our English, Welsh, Scottish, and Irish brethren are preparing for disaster if the majority do not awaken from the apathetic coma they are afflicted with; I hope it is not too late.

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