Mar 25, 2015

Sharia Law and Islamic Paramilitary Training Camps in United States

In January of 2015, World Net Daily reported there are 22 Islamic Jihad training camps in the United States. In 2014, Allen West and the Religious Freedom Coalition reported that there are such a training camp in Texas. The major media did not report any of it, neither in 2014 or presently. MSN did report that a Muslim prisoner in Texas is suing over Ramadan Observance. World Net Daily has been reporting about training camps for several years now with the Examiner reporting that Muslims were building Islamic paramilitary camps back in 2009. Back in 2012, it was reported there were 35 such camps operating inside the United States. Recently, the report was 22 camps. I hope the number is less because some have been disbanded. Military magazine has also been covering this story, complete with a video report.
Why has the mainstream media ignored this disturbing information?

In 2014, Liberty News wrote: Jihad in America: The Islamic Terrorists are Already in USA. World Net Daily interviewed a sheriff from one of the counties where an Islamic paramilitary camp is located in January of 2015. In the same month, Western Journalism investigated about the camps and reported that the FBI stated there are at least 22 Islamic paramilitary communes in the United States.
So what is being done about it?
Nothing so far.
In a recent news release, the Mayor of Irving, Texas, Beth Van Duyne, and the city council resolved to uphold House Bill 562, which would prohibit foreign law from being practiced in American courts. Mayor Van Duyne posted on Facebook:
Specifically, approval of this resolution will show support for amending the Texas Family Code to prevent the application of foreign law that would violate a fundamental right guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution or the Constitution of the State of Texas in matters involving marriage or the parent–child relationship.
In an interview with Breitbart News, Mayor Van Duyne told the Council:
This bill does not mention, at all, Muslims, Sharia Law, Islam, even religion. It specifically talks about foreign laws not taking precedent over U.S. laws and those of the state of Texas.
The media is calling it “Islamophobia” - what Americans are stating is that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land – and none other. As the mayor stated the bill does not mention religion, but instead reinforces that the US Constitution is the law of the United States not foreign law like Sharia.

According to the Daily Paul, the state of Texas accepts Sharia Law. However, that was an issue not a mandate as the Dallas Morning View revealed. A Texas blogger actually asked: Is Sharia Law in Texas such a bad thing?
I cannot believe that an American is asking that question. Of course, looking at how our children have been gradually indoctrinated into the politically correct culture and what government wants people to believe and support through the national education program – it is not so surprising.
Do you want what is happening in Europe happening here?
Do you want some citizens to abide one set of laws and ignore the laws established by our Founders? Laws that made this nation so great? Laws that if are diluted and dissolved will destroy rights and liberties?
Constitutional law has never been so much in danger as during the Obama administration. It will not get better until We the People ensure that constitutionalists are elected to operate OUR government.
The Second Amendment not only establishes the right of the people to keep and bear arms, but it also establishes that citizens are established as a militia and can train as a militia to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States – NOT Sharia Law.
For years, the federal law enforcement, later the Homeland Security established by George Bush II, has looked upon constitutional militia groups as a threat because they have put them in a convenient category with paramilitary groups. There is a marked difference. Paramilitary groups are fanatics and generally are formed by racist ideology, which is not conducive with the Second Amendment. The federal government has a bad habit of putting everyone in a neat package, disregarding individual liberties and promoting the socialist/communist ideology of the collective.
Yet, we have organizations (CAIR) and paramilitary groups whose Jihad ideology and subversive intentions still in existence. Subversion actions or intent to commit actions against the constitutional government of the United States is a crime and treason; just as the Jihad paramilitary camps allowed to operate. It is no less criminal then a KKK paramilitary group or a Neo-Nazi paramilitary organization.
The Islamic Jihadists hide behind their religion and demand First Amendment rights while at the same time countering laws established here in the United States via Sharia Law.
The underlying question is this: If immigrants from Islamic nations came here for a better life – why in the devil are they demanding they bring their medieval laws and ideologies with them? The First Amendment does not condone intolerance, but organized Muslims in the United States demands tolerance when they enact and have a doctrine of intolerance.
The federal government, who should not be in charge of our educational system, has established mandates of bilingualism in the United States. They have done so covertly by mandating Spanish with the excuse that there is not enough funding to promote the choice of other languages. A foreign language is required to be studied for at least two years in order to graduate from colleges/universities. When those operating OUR government cannot pass a law or push ideology through the front door, they invariably do so through the back door, planned behind closed doors like what the Obama administration has been doing since 2009 and what GW Bush did for the promotion of the North American Union. Obama did not make a 'change' in government but White House policy agrees with the push for a North American Union. The concept was founded as far back as 1988. World Net Daily reported in 2014 that John Kerry has also made steps to advance that plan.
All of these things are ignored by the mainstream media because they have become the mouthpiece for corrupt government. Snopes denounced such a plan, but contradicted itself by stating:
But there is currently no official governmental plan underway to make all that happen by 2010.
The plan was to copy the European Union by combining Canada, United States, and Mexico.
We do not need to copy the mistakes of Europe; but we certainly need to protect and uphold the Constitution of the United States and its amendments.
The following video reports what happened to an Australian woman while for a hotel in the Middle East …

Americans don't want this, and those in the name of 'tolerance' and 'political correctness' would have Americans believe otherwise.
It is sad enough our nation continues to be torn due to racism – but accepting foreign laws, allowing subversive paramilitary units to operate within the United States, and being tolerant to an intolerant religious movement whose ideology is still in the 7th century is beyond stupidity, it is insanity.
The FBI has been filing reports on Islamic 'radical' groups, 'extremists', and Islamic paramilitary training – but their progress is not being monitored by the media. Why?
One would think this would be an important issue.
It is part of the desensitization of the American people. The schematics of what should be traitorous acts and/or organized subversion have been diluted and ignored, just as President Obama ignores constitutional law. One moment he says that the constitution will not allow him to do something and later he is enacting it.
What's with that?
It is all scary, sad, and frustrating for many Americans – but apparently not enough to actually see true reformation initiated. It is does finally begin, it will take some time to set things right. Patriots are not as patient as their nemesis the progressive socialists; nor do they get the positive public relations via the media that progressives do. The media persecutes Christians and makes Islamic fascists look like victims. It is the same for Israel. Another scary movement is spreading – anti-semitism in the US and abroad. Has humanity not learned from Nazi and KKK?
The main form of communication and attempts to get people on board to protect the Constitution and vote for constitutionalists to operate our government is the Internet. And now, through executive mandate, that soon will be under the control of the very government that caused all of these serious issues.
No wonder militia groups and 'preppers' are making a concerted and serious effort to prepare for the worst.
Walter Williams wrote an article explaining why the US was founded to be a republic and not a democracy; as I have written about on more than one occasion. Suggest you read it and pass it on. 

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