Mar 23, 2015

The Real Story of What is Happening at Our Southern Border

Maggie's Notebook reveals a testimony by a Border Patrol officer that served 27 years. In a report in July of 2014, Mexican president met with Guatemalan president to reach an agreement to make it easier for the illegal immigrants to make there journey to the US from Central America. They rode atop trains cross country to reach the US border. Our president has cooperated with foreign countries against immigration laws that he is supposed to and swore to uphold and enforce. I have said it for sometime now, this is not a case of illegals crossing borders to 'find a better life' like the progressives whine about. It is about invasion and that invasion is encouraged by Mexico because they are teaching their children that parts of the US rightfully belong to them. Actually it was Spain that established settlements and ruled over Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, and South America during its golden age of colonization and conquest.

Obama is not the first president to go along with this invasion and not enforce our laws, but he has furthered the program more than any other president. Remember the George Bush plan for the North American Union? Obama has extended our broken and outdated foreign policy measures and increasing national security issues. He has insulted our allies and has a policy of weakness that can only bring disaster. Recent actions in the Middle East and North Africa demonstrate that our government is more concerned with politics than national security and lies to the American people have become a common legacy of this administration. 
Our security is not the only danger. Disease that is not common in America are being carried into the US via illegal immigrant invaders. So-called Homeland Security under orders of Obama have disregarded safety and civil measures in the zeal to provide a voting base for the Democrat Party in the millions. In the meantime, our law enforcement agencies are having trouble dealing with increased gang and cartel activity thanks to Obama and previous presidents. Now that Obama has bypassed Congress and did closed door operations (so much for 'transparency' promised in 2008), crime has risen and CDC has its handful with disease and our national sovereignty is clearly in danger.
How much should American citizens take from an out-of-control narcissist president?

Is it not sad that the People have grown to mistrust our own government?
The reality is that We the People have allowed politicians that should never have been elected to operate OUR government that has progressively marched toward socialism and oligarchy and create a phenomenon where enemies of free nations will undermine our sovereignty with the blessings of leadership that voters have blindly allowed to lead and progressively dissolve articles and amendments of the Constitution that is still in place, but no longer enforced or protected by a politically motivated US Supreme Court.
CNN/ORC just released a poll that states that Hillary Clinton, with a long record of scandals and corrupt/inept leadership, is leading in the candidate polls.
We the People cannot rely upon elected leadership and once reformation has begun forever and through generations keep a watchful eye on those that operate OUR government to ensure the Constitution is restored as being enforced and maintained. We the People MUST ...

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