Mar 16, 2015

Condolence To Cyclone Pam Victims

Cyclone Pam has hit Vanuatu northeast of Australia and reports state that the capital city of Port Villa is 96% destroyed. Red Cross, Save the Children, and disaster relief UN agencies have begun distributing food and providing emergency shelter for the victims of one of the worst storms ever. Australia, New Zealand, and New Caledonia have provided aid flights to the little democratic republic. The cyclone formed on March 6th east of the Solomon Islands and intensified to Category 5. The little island nation has suffered a complete communications breakdown and fresh water shortage with 90% of its infrastructure destroyed. Twelve have died, but more may be reported. Fiji was not in a direct path of the tropical storm and New Caledonia issued a precautionary alert. After hitting Vanuatu, the storm makes its way toward North Island, New Zealand. 

UN president blames the Category 5 storm on global warming and the Guardian, mouthpiece for the international consensus concerning global warming/climate change, continues its assault upon carbon fuel of coal, gas and oil insisting that they be kept in the ground. It's questionable climatic theories blame everything on fossil fuels while ignoring an important factor in weather patterns – solar sunspots. It is the same scientific consensus that kept medieval Europe in the dark by insisting that the world was flat.

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