Mar 23, 2015

US Supreme Court Upholds Wisconsin Voter ID Law

The US Supreme Court has upheld the constitutionality of the Wisconsin Voter ID law that requires a photo identification in order to vote. Hopefully more states will follow to prevent fraudulent voting practiced by the Democrat Party for more than 50 years. With Obama's unconstitutional amnesty and back-door processing of illegal immigrants this is an important move in deterring corruption within the voting system as well as government. Judging from the background of the SCOTUS justices, it is a happy surprise that they are abiding by their oaths of office and protecting the Constitution and using common sense when it comes to applying it to legislative actions.
Hooray for Governor Walker and the Wisconsin legislature for standing up against corruption. If voting becomes corrupted, which it has, it means that legitimate voters are not being heard. Evidence points towards the marginal lead in winning Election 2012 was because of illegal voting actions across the nation, for example, dead people voting, those with fraudulent identification voting, and people voting more than once. 
Of course, unlike Election 2004, the mainstream media did not bother to follow up on obvious voting corruption at polling places. Remember the presence of union thugs at a vote recount in Florida? The threatening presence of the 'New' Black Panther Party members at polling places?
Sometimes it is hard to believe this is still the United States.
Governor Walker and the Wisconsin state legislature has made progress in getting our state government back on track. They have stood up against trade union thugs in the 'Right to Work' agenda, as well as stimulated the economy by reducing negative regulations and heavy taxation that discourages business development and promotes business to move elsewhere (to another state or country). In addition, Wisconsin joins other states in enforcing the Second Amendment by providing citizens the opportunity to acquire a concealed carry permit for self-defense and community protection. The draconian crossbow law has been repealed and now hunters have a choice to use a bow or crossbow during the appropriate hunting season. It looks like soon Wisconsin will ditch the draconian and useless '48-hour waiting period'. The only disappointment is that the oppressive law that Governor Doyle passed that made it unlawful for anyone to use tobacco products at private sector establishments like restaurants, inns, motels, hotels, and pubs. It is up to the proprietor of the establishment to decide whether to forbid smoking, just as it is their right to post signs that forbid weapons in their establishment. In the past, many businesses of that nature divided areas for smoking and non-smoking. Some decided they did not want smoking at all. It not only was a constitutional right for private sector businesses to decide, but it afforded customers to make the choice of such establishments based upon smoking or non-smoking.
No one can deny that tobacco products are not healthy; but tobacco is a legal product and the choice is up to the individual, not an overbearing government pushed by busy-bodies who want to use law to advocate their personal preferences. Oddly, alcohol has ruined the lives of many people, but it is not taxed to the point of oppression like tobacco is. That political process is called social engineering forcing people not to do something without an outright prohibition. Such oppressive laws lead to black market criminal operations, as history reveals and recent news of people getting arrested selling cigarettes without a tax stamp on them.
Again, thanks to the Wisconsin legislature and Governor Scott Walker for their endeavor to bring back constitutional law and reduced government oppression and intrusion. They are small steps, but eventually, if enough politicians become constitutional representatives and senators, we will see true reformation back to the constitutional republic which the Founders created.

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