Jun 23, 2015

H.R. 1454: Attempt to Control Commercial Ammunition

Democrats are relentless when it comes to controlling everything, depriving rights of majority for minority. They could not ban firearms in US Congress (but state governments have passed draconian, anti-constitutional and useless control on firearms), so now they focus upon ammunition; for without ammunition firearms are nothing. They pass or try to pass laws pretending they are protecting something; often it is about subjects that they personally know nothing about or even understand what or how the bill reads, like Obamacare (Affordable Healthcare legislation).
H.R.1454, The Modernized Law Enforcement Officers Protection Act of 2015 is a bill sponsored and co-sponsored by three Democrats: Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA), who disapproved the Keystone Pipeline; Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI), and Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) – all whose states defy the US Constitution (especially 2nd Amendment) and foster an American version of socialism to replace our constitutional republic.

Weapons of Choice: MKA 1919

For those who like the M16/AR15 platform, Akdal Arms, a Turkish company is offering a gas operated, semi-automatic shotgun built on an AR frame. It is the MKA 1919. Like the AR, it is easy to maintain and the 19.7-inch barrel can be easily removed from the upper receiver. Charge the shotgun with the familiar charging handle on the receiver and fire with the look and feel of an AR series rifle.

Jun 17, 2015

History of Marionettes and Puppets

In the early days of national television the Howdy Doody Show was first broadcast in the United States from 1947 to 1960, being the first successful children’s show and also when NBC pioneered the first color production, which helped RCA sell its pioneer color television sets in the 1950s. Howdy Doody was a western dressed puppet, a marionette featuring one freckle for each state of the union (48 freckles) and whose original voice was made by Buffalo Bob Smith, who was the show’s host. Other puppets characterized on the show were Heidi Doody, Howdy’s sister; Phineas T. Bluster (mayor of Doodyville), Princess Summerfall WinterspringDilly Dally and Flub-a-Dub, a combination of a duck, cat, spaniel, giraffe, dachshund, seal, pig, and the memory of an elephant. 

Weapons of Choice: Anderson 'No Lube' Rifles

The M16/AR15 rifle platform has come a long way in configuration and Anderson Rifles, a 35-year-old toll-and-die manufacturer, has taken the platform to a new level: no lubrication required as the following video shows:

Jun 14, 2015

Good Year for Bass Fishing in Wisconsin

As reported by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, the population of bass has grown and continues to do so; thanks to catch-and-release and careful management. The population of largemouth bass in more than 300 lakes in Wisconsin has caused the DNR to remove the minimum length limits. Twenty-one lakes have no minimum length requirement, but instead a protected length from 14 to 18 inches, and those lakes have a daily bag limit of five bass.
In the northern Wisconsin regions, smallmouth bass remain in catch-and-release status until June 20th. Most inland lakes have a combined daily bag limit of five largemouth and smallmouth bass greater than 14 inches.

Jun 10, 2015

Weapons of Choice: Desert Eagle - Magnum Semi-Auto

DE .50 caliber in stainless steel
This gas operated, rotating bolt semi-auto pistol has become famous thanks to Hollywood and Magnum Research quality manufacturing.
The Desert Eagle series of pistols offers calibers from .50 caliber through the magnum line and even the .357 Mag.
Unlike the Coonan 1911 chambered for .357 Magnum, the Desert Eagle will not cycle .38 Special ammunition nor does it offer a recoil spring to do so. Magazine capacity is nine rounds. You can purchase replacement and upgrade parts directly from Magnum Research, including spare mags.

Weapons of Choice: Coonan M1911 Chambered in .357 Magnum

That's right, you read the title correctly - a .357 Mag semi-auto magazine fed pistol.
Revolvers chambered for .357 Magnum has been a favorite of those who cherish "wheel" guns, and get a bonus of being able to fire .38 Special ammunition, which is cheaper at the range.
Classic 5" barrel in stainless steel

Jun 5, 2015

Weapons of Choice: Hi-Point Home-Self Defense Carbine

Hi-Point Carbine, 9mm, foregrip, laser, quick-fire scope
Hi-Point was founded twenty years ago by Tom Deeb and his firearms have become popular because of their simplicity and reliability in a competitive world for self defense firearms that are more affordable than the standard tricked out AR-15 that has flooded the market.

Weapons of Choice: Ruger LC380(CA)

Ruger has reintroduced a conceal-carry handgun that was originally manufactured as the LC9 pistol chambered for 9mm, but has been changed to sell to California and Massachusetts buyers as LC380CA. It is chambered for .380 Auto ammunition with a capacity of 7+1 and a compact 3.5-inch barrel.