Mar 4, 2014

Book Report: Organized Crime: The Unvarnished Truth About Government

Organized Crime: The Unvarnished Truth About Government by Thomas J. DiLorenzo.
It is a book that begins with a section entitled “Coercion and Regulation” and analyzes aspects of government regulation of business, reinforcing G. Edward Griffin's Jekyll Island story of how the Federal Reserve was founded by powerful financiers of the early 20th century and at the same time how the federal income tax system was initiated by a 16th Amendment that should never have passed in Congress or been ratified.
Organized Crime is also a collection of essays that by section covers subjects like “Politics and Thieves”, “Centralization versus Liberty”, “Money and the State”, “Workers and Unions”, and Truth and Lies About Markets”.
DiLorenzo has uncovered the layers of deceit and propaganda over the decades and exposes the declination of the free, constitutional republic that the Founders created; and does so in a straightforward manner. He has written two other books about Abraham Lincoln, of which I did not agree and repute; however, this book reveals the problem our government has become as citizens fell into apathy and misinformed of what is truly going on.
Get your copy of this book at Amazon [link below] and see how government has worked over the decades as an organized crime syndicate operated by political bosses backed by wealthy godfathers, just as ruthless as what the FBI has been fighting since its inception. You won't be disappointed in content and trove of sourced truths.

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