Mar 17, 2014

Jihad in America: Enemy Within

When Barack Hussein Obama campaigned for president in 2008, revelation was presented about his associations and mystery gaps in his life. Obama attended a church for twenty years that preached racism, proven by the words of its minister – but people paid no heed. Instead of seeing that as racism, those who pointed out those facts about the shady character of the man from Illinois whose father was Muslim from Kenya, his stepfather (mother's second husband) was Muslim – and Barack, also known as Barry Soetro, attended a Muslim school there. During the campaign of 2008, it was revealed that foreign organizations and those operating here in the United States had provided campaign contributions. Why? Because he was a Christian who was a member of a so-called Christian church in Chicago? All of this and BH Obama became president. 
The American voter paid attention to biased media reports and other means of propaganda by the Democratic Party, which has been corrupted for some time – and reelected BH Obama despite not keeping ONE promise he made in campaign 2008, except to pass the worst, intrusive draconian legislation ever passed in Congress since the Woodrow Wilson administration's 16th Amendment controversy and creating the institution called the Federal Reserve. Nixon committed less impeachable acts and resigned because the Democrats were preparing for impeachment proceedings – but Obama and his people in his administration have committed more serious transgressions, one that cost American lives in a place called Benghazi.
It is a shame that the African descendents of slaves in America who ARE Americans, who were freed by A. Lincoln (a Republican), who was forced to wage war against southern Democrats, who after the Civil War was persecuted and unequal until the 1960s (changed by conservative movement) when the Civil Rights Act was enacted, signed by President Johnson, who may have (so says MLK's son) orchestrated the death of Martin Luther King, would vote for someone with low character, socialist ideology, a Democrat who says he admires Lincoln (a Republican), but who takes the side of Islamic Jihadists (belongs to a party of progressive socialists) whose goal is to dominate the globe. Allen West is a man of character. patriot, and constitutionalist - why did they not promote and vote for him as the "First African American (so-called 'Black') President"?
Video, showing truth about BH Obama:
I wrote at my theological website an article entitled Through the Looking Glass: Religious Perspective that reveals the truth of Islam under Sharia Law. There are Muslims here in the United States who escaped those laws and certainly live in peace without interfering with other religions; for they should be tolerable towards others as they expect others to be tolerant.
Dr. Peter Hammon wrote a book entitled, Slavery, Terrorism and Islam: The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat, of which I quote some excerpts:
Islam is not a religion nor is it a cult. It is a complete system. Islam has religious, legal, political, economic, and military components. … When politically correct and culturally diverse societies agree to 'the reasonable' Muslim demands for their 'religious rights', they also get the other components under the table.
A source give by Hammon is the CIA World Fact Book (2007).
Frank Gaffney is the founder and president of the Center for Security Policy and a columnist for The Washington Times, Big Peace, and Townhall; as well as radio host on Secure Freedom Radio. He has had years of experience in national security measures working as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense during the Reagan Administration, previously working for Democratic Senator Henry M. Jackson.
Gaffney appeared in the documentary made as a rebuttal to Michael Moore's film “Fahrenheit 9/11”. He also was executive producer for the documentary Islam vs. Islamists: Voices from the Muslim Center. He was the founding member of the Set America Free Coalition to reduce foreign independence on foreign oil, definitely a national security concern.
In October 2008, Gaffney was one of the first to question BH Obama's citizenship, and in 2009, wrote a series of articles in the Washington Times accusing the Obama administration of adopting Muslim Brotherhood plans for Sharia Law. This organization that originated in Saudi Arabia and has been instrumental for the unrest in Egypt has infiltrated the Democratic Party and is focused on the GOP. This infiltration began when Clinton was president and continued through the GW Bush administration to present company.
Gaffney has contributed to Newsmax in a column entitled Security Watch. In 2011, Gaffney charged that Suhail Khan had participated in CPAC that would allow the Muslim Brotherhood to infiltrate that conservative organization. Morton Blackwell, Cleta Mitchell, David Keene, and Wayne LaPierre rejected it as unfounded.
The following video is an informative lecture entitled Civilization Jihad and the Enemy Within

Mr. Gaffney has a ten-part video presentation that can be viewed HERE.
Why and How can the United States Congress and the Supreme Court put up with a president who abuses executive authority with executive orders, commits perjury, and does not abide by the oath of office - like political attacks on the Second Amendment?
The Benghazi tragedy is enough to impeach and put Hillary on trial ...

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