Mar 23, 2014

Mexican Invasion Reality

In an article by John Ransom, entitled The Beginning of the Reckoning for Obama and USA, concerning what Vladilyich (someone who commented on his previous article) stated about the Ukraine:
Ukraine has always been a part of Russia. The word "Ukraine" is actually the Slavic word for "Border". It has been a border state of Russia since the time of the Tsars. Well over 50% of those that live in Ukraine are ethnic Russians. I can't blame the Russian administration for wanting to protect them from the terrorists. - The Boneless Wonder Works Magic in Ukraine
Ransom noted that the same mentality applied when Hitler proclaimed that Austria would be annexed to Nazi Germany …
The German Reich is no longer willing to tolerate the suppression of ten million Germans across its borders.
Ransom then stated:
By this reasoning, Mexico can invade the United States to protect ethnic Mexicans.
Mirroring an article posted at Lighthouse Journal ...
While I understand Ransom's point, he is forgetting that a Mexican invasion has been going on for decades, and while the Mexican government has not cooperated in the matter concerning illegal immigration and whose policies actually encourage Mexicans to emigrate from a country whose immigration laws are more strict than ours – condemns us as racists because we complain about their invasion. This will continue until our southern border is actually secure and US leadership quits kissing the behind of Mexican government.
Subversive elements and organizations have been developing all the while and now the drug cartel has placed a firm foot into areas of our nation increasing the crime problem. 
Few Americans are against legal immigration - but progressives and RINOs refuse to distinguish between legal and illegal; using the "racist" word to make anyone feel guilty for being against illegal immigration.
Of course, all this does not apply to legal immigrants who come here to be a US citizen, join in our traditions, and assimilate into our culture - but this statement is moot when it comes to dealing with progressives, those who refuse to recognize the difference. Yet, the problem did not originate with the Obama administration, although it has followed the policy of not enforcing laws in place while pushing for new laws of amnesty and providing illegal aliens the benefits meant for US legal citizens. 

One of the problems with policies of the federal government is that they do not face reality and call things for what they are, like recognizing that the war against terrorism is a war against Islamic Jihad. The enemy we send our troops to fight abroad have infiltrated and established themselves in the United States - but nothing is done about it.
Legal immigrants undergo a background check and medical checkup and the annual limit is to ensure that those who immigrate here will be able to find employment and not become wards of the state through welfare programs. Illegal aliens bypass that system, thus an influx of criminals and who knows who is crossing our southern border. The border fence that was approved to protect the entire southern border between US and Mexico has never been completed. Enemies of the United States and organized criminals are definitely a problem, but a serious threat is living among us, taking advantage of our complacency and tolerance.
The following video is a debate concerning using military to stop Mexican invasion, sparked by a Texas rancher being murdered on his own property by Mexican invaders: 

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