Mar 21, 2014

Wisconsin Legislature Passes Firing Range Protection Bill

Wisconsin Senate Bill 527 has passed the state assembly and now awaits Governor Walker's signature to be enforced. It was created to protect firing ranges from draconian zoning ordinances or laws regulating the discharge of firearms and protect owners of such ranges from liability; which promotes firing ranges, set up in a safe manner, be available for sport shooting events, law enforcement practice, and citizens to keep proficient in self defense firearms.
Governor Walker and folks in Wisconsin's legislature have been diligent in protecting Wisconsin US citizens' Second Amendment rights, as well as standing up to trade unions that has interfered with the right for citizens to work and employers to hire without joining a trade union. 
Mr. Walker has also pushed measures that would encourage businesses, including small business, to remain in Wisconsin and new business be established to promote a better Wisconsin economy. The attempt to repeal the vote of Wisconsin citizens for his governorship, sponsored and paid for by trade unions here in Wisconsin and from other states – failed. On the list of possible candidates for the presidential primaries in 2016 is Governor Walker, as well as our congressional member, Paul Ryan. Both have pushed for common sense economic policies that would help businesses, rather than regulate and tax them to death. Businesses keep the circle of economy going as well as provide employment opportunities; and small businesses, like the NCO in the military, is the backbone of the success of the United States.
Text from the bill:
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Under current law, a person who owns or operates an area designed and operated for the use and discharge of firearms (sport shooting range) is immune from civil liability relating to noise and is not subject to an action for nuisance or to zoning conditions related to noise. Current law also provides that if a sport shooting range lawfully existed on July 16, 2013, it may continue to operate as a sport shooting range at that location even if certain zoning ordinances or laws regulating the discharge of firearms would otherwise prohibit the operation of the sport shooting range. Under this bill, a sport shooting range is not subject to any state or local zoning conditions or rules related to noise or to nonconforming use. The bill expands those zoning laws that do not apply to sport shooting ranges to include zoning laws related to shorelands on navigable waters. The bill also provides the owner or operator of a sports shooting range, and their agents, contractors, customers, lenders, and insurers immunity from civil liability in any action by the state or its political subdivisions or by a special purpose district related to the use, release, placement, or accumulation of any projectiles on or under the sport shooting range or other contiguous real property that the owner or operator has the legal right to use. The bill provides immunity from civil action to the owner, operator, officer, or board member of a sport shooting range, and to any employee or volunteer acting on behalf of the owner or operator, for any negligent action of a user of the sport shooting range and to any person who provides a firearms training course in good faith at a sports shooting range if the course is approved by a national or state organization.
Note that this provides protection of property rights, something that was important to the framers of the US Constitution and its amendments, along with freedom of speech, religion, fair trial, personal self-defense and to form a militia to protect the Constitution and their community against foreign and domestic enemies.
There is only one failure of the Walker administration and our state assembly/senate: they did not repeal the draconian, intrusive and unconstitutional law that forbids business owners of restaurants, motels, inns, hotels, and establishments that serve alcohol and/or food from allowing their customers to smoke inside the privately owned business establishment, passed by the previous progressive socialist governor whose tax increase was the highest in Wisconsin history. This law that remains on the books, is clearly against property rights, one of the first of the liberties to fall by the way because of government not limiting itself to that prescribed in the Constitution of the United States.
I have addressed this to the office of the Governor of Wisconsin in 2012 and 2013, with no reply, or any indication that the bill signed by former governor, Jim Doyle, is to be repealed. Previously, private businesses handled the smoking situation thus: (1) established a non-smoking section in their establishment, or (2) assigned smoking rooms in hotels, inns, and motels. The third alternative was to post “No Smoking” signs, not allowing smoking within their business establishment. Any of those decisions is up to the owner of the business – NOT the government. It is just as draconian as preventing citizens from drinking certain refreshment beverages because those in government have decided it not to be healthy or they are just against it. This law aforementioned is like telling automobile dealers they can only sell state approved vehicles or vehicles of a particular brand or model being prohibited. Some people are allergic to flowers to perfume/cologne – will government then make privately owned businesses forbid their customers to apply perfume or cologne to their person or not be allowed to have flowers in their lobby?

When conservationists and constitutionalists talk about big government, they mean that government should be limited as the Founders wisely intended; for as Jefferson stated, those operating OUR government, government Of the People and By the People will surely turn to wolves.
We have a Door County Rod and Gun Club that has a shooting range available for paid members or the public for a $5 fee. Open year-round, it is an established non-profit club that encourages the practice of rifle, pistol, shotgun and bow (archer or crossbow) practice as well as a place for local law enforcement to keep proficient. Annual membership is $35.00 and life membership is $600.
Peninsula Gun Club Clubhouse
Peninsula Gun Club interior
There is also a Peninsula Gun Club that is a shooting range with the only indoor range on the Peninsula open to the public, with membership encouraged. It is located north of Sturgeon Bay, the seat of Door County Peninsula. It opened in 2000 and has a nice club house and on Sundays there is practice shooting, cookouts. The club can be rented our for birthdays, graduations, business events, or just a family get together. Events can be day or night.
Peninsula Gun Club Range
Range fees: Trap/Skeet: $4.50; Indoor Range: $5.00. Daily membership is $10, and annual membership is $60 for non-league participants and $40 for League shooters. Junior membership is available for shooters under 18 at $30 a year. Lifetime membership is available for $600. Range Fees are posted HERE. Shooting apparel and supplies are also sold to help support the club.
If you have any questions you can email the club at: or call 920-868-3509. The club is located at 3702 Juddville Road, Fish Creek.
Peninsula Gun Club has an annual raffle ($5 tickets) held each year in January. This year prizes were ¼ Beef, ½ Hog, 2 Prime Ribs, and 2.25-lb of Brats – provided by Door County Custom Meats. A family owned-and-operated meat processing business that serves hunters turning their deer into great venison cuts as well as families looking to purchase either part of a whole cow or hog for meat in the freezer. They also sponsor the local Hunt for the Hungry program. If you want your game processed or want ¼ or more of beef or hog meat off the hoof – this is the place to go if you live or are a seasonal resident here at the Peninsula.

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