Mar 25, 2014

Constitutionalist Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin Lowers Taxes

The progressives and union thugs tried to recall him in 2012, same year BH Obama got elected.
The teacher's union tried to get rid of him and union teachers who thought that taxpayers should pay for their retirement funding despise him.
Yes, I am talking about Governor Scott Walker, one of the few politicians who actually did what they promised.

He signed the law that allowed Wisconsin lawful residents to obtain a concealed-carry permit and the right to defend themselves, as he told voters he was pro-Second Amendment.
He signed a bill that got rid of the ridiculous regulation that did not allow crossbows to be used for hunting. Last year was the first season crossbows were legal to hunt with during bow season.
He will sign the bill going through the state legislator that will protect firing ranges, both private and public, from draconian local regulations as well as disavowing frivolous liability claims that protect the owners of firing ranges and decreases their liability insurance premiums – both outdoor and indoor. This encourages more shooting ranges for people to practice safety and proficient use of firearms.
He did not reduce the outrageous state fees, for example, automobile title transfer fee from $45 to $66.50; which previous governor Doyle introduced as part of the highest tax increase (after promising not to) in the history of Wisconsin. However, Governor Walker has saved Wisconsin taxpayers in real estate taxes and manufacturer tax in Wisconsin. It is a part of improving the economy in Wisconsin and lowering unemployment by limiting the tax liability which at the same time helps businesses instead of putting them out of business with high overhead.
As Governor Walker Tweeted:
New law will reduce property taxes on a typical home by $100. Property taxes on that home will be lower in 2014 than in 2010! Along w/property & income tax relief, withholding reform starts next Tue. Typical working family = $522 more in paycheck this yr.
Former Governor Doyle, corrupt official, raised taxes and state fees that amounted to $1 billion. Governor Walker cut a total of $2 billion during his tenure in office. When he took office he was looking at a state budget deficit of $3.6 billion, despite Doyle's high tax increase.
Scott Walker inherited a state budget that falsely promised to spend more than Wisconsin citizens could afford. He avoided the 'easy' and traditional path of yet again raising taxes and slashing budgets across the board. Instead he reduced taxes to create more jobs and opportunities and therefore more tax revenue while reducing spending by reforming government to perform better at lower costs: specifically Act 10. Reducing the tax burden and reforming government to cost less is the path forward for Wisconsin and the nation.
Walker had the support of the NRA when seeking office as well as the fight against progressive and union thug propaganda who insisted that a recall election be enacted. Walker, of course, despite the skullduggery of the progressives and their useful idiots – won the recall election. He has worked diligently to improve the economy and employment situation ever since and has achieved his goals and promises.
The influence of the NRA and gun lobby in Wisconsin frustrates and angers the progressives and the usual character attacks were enacted as well as trying to make the relationship between Walker, NRA and other second amendment organizations look like some sort of conspiracy. It is all legal and within the lines of political and election regulations.
Two of those organizations who have achieved significant results concerning firearms and Second Amendment was Wi-FORCE and Friends of NRA. Both organizations have affiliation to the National Rifle Association.
The Wisconsin FORCE is an organization involving firearm owners, ranges, clubs, and educational programs. There is firearm training and shooting events, as well as a program for women. Wi-FORCE publishes an online newsletter entitled The Trigger. It is in PDF and you can keep copies of the issues on your computer hard-drive for future reference.
If you are interested in joining Wisconsin FORCE, call 888-337-3534. Membership applications are also in PDF. If you wish to email them with questions about the organization and/or membership, CLICK HERE. Or email directly to:

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