Mar 23, 2014

Old Glory Gunsmith is Becoming More International - New Translator Installed

The wonderful world of cyberspace on the Internet has made the world smaller. I noticed when examining traffic statistics, that my foreign visitors are increasing.
So, in order to aid readers from other nations, I have included in the right column just below the search engine, a translation engine. I am pleased that the list of languages have increased as I examined the drop-down menu.
Thus far, besides readership in the United States, I have readers in Sweden, France (3rd largest readership), United Kingdom (that includes England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland), Germany, Italy, Canada, China, Indonesia, and Romania. I was disappointed that there were not hits from Denmark and Australia; which the Lighthouse Journal had visitors from – among other nations.
I have one “pen-pal” from Denmark who had been following the Journal, my first blog, almost as long as it had been published. I was surprised that France came in third for the amount of visitors, pleasantly surprised. It is sad that the United States has lost the bond with France it once had. The Journal also has readers from South Africa. There is a South African jeweler here I met when I used to deliver propane, having a goldsmith shop here on the Peninsula. He has pretty much retired and now goes to Alaska on adventure expeditions panning for gold. In his youth he was in the South African military and for awhile was a mercenary. He retired from that line of work to become a goldsmith here.
Once upon a time in history, French was the official diplomatic language and Paris was a centre of culture in the arts and fashion; just as Vienna, Venice, and Florence once was.
It is ironic and delightful at once that the United States continues to have a bond with England and the other states of the United Kingdom.
Besides Germany, Scandinavia, and Italy, England and Ireland had the most immigrants in our history; but it was the Spanish who had settled here the earliest in places of Florida and California. The French came as explorers and stayed as trappers and traders who developed in the Great Lake states and Canada. Here on the Peninsula there are Native American descendents who have French surnames. Of course, we have immigrants from several places in Asia and Indonesia – and many Mexicans due to the constant rate of those who illegally cross our southern border. Hispanic immigrants from Central and South America also have immigrated here.
Anyway, I thought I would point out the new addition of having a translator drop-down menu. Now if I could only find a translator so I can communicate with people in the comment section in a language other than English.

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