Nov 10, 2014

Memo To Republicans: "A Republic, If You Can Keep It"

Now that Republicans have the majority in Congress, it is a time for no compromising the Constitution of the United States. Promises not kept in the 1990s when this occurred only slowed the movement toward socialism, away from constitutional law. When it comes to articles and amendments of the Constitution – there is no compromise. If there are to be changes, it will be done by repealing or rewriting amendments. 
One such repeal should be the 16th Amendment by adding an amendment that discontinues tax on income and progressive taxation with consumption tax at a fixed rate that can only be changed (increase/decrease) by two-thirds majority vote in House and Senate.
As Kurt Schlicter wrote:
...How about we be the party that didn’t import zillions of foreigners to take their jobs? Nor is this an opportunity to focus on compromises about things like corporate tax reform that makes us look like the Party of the Country Club, or expanded copyright protection for entertainment companies that fund our enemies. The Republicans I saw working the phones and banging on doors last week don’t belong to country clubs, and they’re sick and tired of Hollywood portraying them as banjo-strumming in-breds bent on ambushing innocent canoers. … The next two years are not about pursuing some magical bipartisan compromise that will merely slow our descent into socialism. It’s about stopping that descent. The only purpose of this Congress is to the set the conditions for the election of a conservative Republican president and the retention of both houses of Congress in 2016. … This is the time to prepare to complete the destruction of the progressive dream. … We are not the party of old white people. We elected the first black senator from the south. We elected a black woman from Utah. We elected a woman who was a combat leader in Iraq. We are the party that doesn't care where your grandfather came from or whether or not you possess the plumbing to give birth. We are the party of Americans, not just a collection of check boxes on some diversity cop’s clipboard. … But we can still blow it. Let's not fool ourselves – we conservatives have not completely made our case to the American people. Let's not misinterpret this election as a rousing vindication of ourselves. We still need to make the case for free enterprise. We still need to make the case for civil rights. We still need to make a case for conservatism, and going back to business as usual by passing out corporate welfare to a bunch of guys who all look like the Monopoly Man is not going to do it. … Anyone in the military knows that you defeat the enemy in detail during a rout. Let's hunt them down. Let's finish off progressivism as an ideology. And let's do it by not being stupid.
The Republicans need to live up to their name – the protectors and perpetrators of constitutional law. It is about time that Congress, Executive Branch and the US Supreme Court start practicing what their oath of office is.
It is time to usher in, reinstate statesmen/stateswomen instead of political prostitutes. It is time that elected officials realize they do not get a retirement fund for serving (measly eight years) – only those employed by the government get such benefits. It is time that Congress and others who are employed or elected perform their jobs, what they are paid for. No congressional pay raises until the budget is straightened out and military personnel can live on the economy without applying for food stamps (those stationed in US).
It is time that US Supreme Court justices do what they are supposed to do: decide on cases brought before them with the articles and amendments of the Constitution – not what they interpret it to read, but what it says. Any Supreme Justice who is interviewed (especially by a foreign news agency, Egypt for example) and states that the US Constitution is outdated, no longer apply to modern thinking have an ulterior motive and should be fired (impeached). If they do not believe in constitutional law, they should not be appointed as a justice or judge in the Supreme Court or the District Court. Their obligation is to constitutional law – not political prostitutes in legislator and executive office, nor an echo of some foreign law, or decisions made on popular whims.
Our nation did not become great because our form of government was created as a socialist, communist, or any form of democracy; it was specifically created as a constitutional republic. The only thing that pertains to democracy is the vote of the majority of people at elections; and even then the founders did not describe it as such. That was done for a purpose. 
The Founders knew that democracy ends up eating away at itself, becoming mob rule and steering away from articles in the Constitution. No where in the Constitution or even the Declaration of Independence is democracy mentioned. It is mentioned in the Federalist Papers, a sort of after-action report on the Constitution - and it is negative when mentioned. 
The progressives would have the people believe that the country is falling apart because of the Constitution, because it was ratified in 1787, and because “old white men” composed it. It is a lie. The gradual turning away and compromising the Constitution is why our nation is beginning to crumble under the weight of bureaucracy. 
The Constitution is clear on limited powers of the central, federal government; and state rights were put in place for a reason. If one truly looks objectively, one can see how inept and unwieldy a central government operates when it goes beyond its prescribed authority. Socialism, even the self-proclaimed democratic style of socialism that disillusioned Americans think unique, has been proven historically that it just does not work - not if you want equality, rights, liberties and a liveable economy. What made the United States great and unique was individual liberty, yet a nation united; not collectivism that socialists say creates equality, when in reality it does not. The ruling elite become the aristocrats that Russian socialist/communists rebelled against, creating a government and society of misery, fear, and inequality. They become more aggressive monsters than the aristocrats they replaced. Too often tyrants replace tyrants.
Loyalty to the Constitution should be prime in the minds of who the People elect and expect to run OUR government. If not, then the People are not performing their responsibility when voting. There are two traditional parties; but party loyalty is not patriotism. Patriotism is not loyalty to the government. Patriotism is loyalty to the US Constitution and fellow Americans; because united as one people, regardless of race, religion, or gender we can be the strongest.
Taking sides with the enemy (enemies) of the United States is treason. Pointing out discrepancies and shortfalls is not treason; but requires positive action to fix those issues and problems. Pointing fingers and sticking to policies and programs that do not work is not what congressional members are elected or paid for. They are supposed to be problem solvers, and it is not how many pieces of legislation is passed – but the quality of each legislation that passes is what counts. We have become a nation smothered with laws and regulations, so numerous that those in government cannot keep track. 
The federal government needs to pay attention to its prescribed limitations and turn over the educational system to the states, as well as the US Supreme Court making the decision that issues concerning marriage is a state government issue - not federal; for it is the state governments that require marriage licenses. 
Most of this argument will become moot once the income tax is replaced with consumption tax where single people pay more taxes than married people. With that tax reformation, no longer will there be a death tax; a terrible tax that puts a strain on inheritance. People who died paid taxes on everything they wish to leave behind as inheritance, and the IRS/executive branch taxes property/investments already taxed. The same situation applies to investments, which first income tax is applied and then reapplied as a capital gains tax on any money made with investments and savings programs. 
If people sat down and actually examined the whole system, they would see, and be appalled, at how sneaky, unfair, and intrusive the income tax is. Unfortunately, too many cannot see beyond the yearly "refund" check; not realizing (because they do not research) that the the Fair Tax Act will institute 'rebate' checks for citizens who qualify. Importantly, the Fair Tax, consumption tax, should not apply to food or purchase of dwellings.  
If laws are passed, they must be enforced – especially immigration laws. It is not fair to those who went through the process to live, work, and become citizens for others to ignore and bypass those laws and become a burden upon a society that is thankful for being an American. 
Those that cry that the US belongs to Mexico, parts of it, should be booed off stage and considered to be invaders. It confounds me how law enforcement and those officials in charge of it will allow people who are not here legally to march in the streets telling Americans to go back to Europe while waving a Mexican flag. 
Freedom of speech does not mean that invaders and saboteurs can have their way in creating conflict because they do not like our laws; who disregard the fact that Mexico's immigration laws are far more strict – yet its government complains how we treat illegal immigrants. Despite that strict immigration law, the Mexican government has allowed people from Central America and elsewhere to travel through their lands towards the border of the US, in one case providing train transportation. It is unconscionable. It is not just a social problem, it is a clear and present danger against our national security, as well as national sovereignty. 
The Republican platform requires rewriting and then a guideline to their activities in Congress (and the White House). "Conservatives" and "Liberals" no longer practice what those terms mean; thus constitutionalists are required - and all others need not apply. The GOP platform is not consistent with the namesake of the political party - republicanism. It is a weaker version of the progressive socialist platform substantiating and maintaining a welfare state.
Like Schlicter stated - “Let's not be stupid” Republicans. Do not waste an opportunity to slow down and stop the march towards a socialist welfare state. 
That was not what the US was founded for, nor meant to be by the founders; no wonder Ben Franklin stated: “A republic, if you can keep it”. 
People do not want to hear about the problem and finger pointing, they want to hear that solutions solving those problems are in the works. Many Americans know what the problems are - we elect people to fix them and prevent future problems. 
Ronald Reagan hit home when he said: Government IS the problem!
If you trace the source that has pushed prices up and made our take-home pay smaller - it always connects dots that lead to the government; especially the federal government. Too many regulations create inept bureaucracy and draconian regulations stifle the economy. Fair taxation and less intrusiveness in the private sector will show progress in a short time - benefiting both the government and the people. 
The Founders would have been appalled if they could see how politicized the US Armed Forces have become under the leadership of BH Obama and progressive congressional members. For that matter, veterans of wars gone by are appalled as well, to include soldiers serving in active duty. If we want to continue to have a successful volunteer military force - something better be done.
Read the compelling story by Katie Kieffer entitled Soldiers Betraying Soldiers. ...
Republicans now control Congress and they have the opportunity to aid veterans by holding President Obama accountable for politicizing the military.
Also read about who Obama has chosen to replace Eric Holder. Is it racism to replace one "black" American for another when there are so many choices? I guess it may be hard to get someone who will take the fall for Obama when things get tough, someone to protect him against real investigations into scandals. Someone who will continue to use the Democratic race card. When is the 'Black Caucus' going to be dissolved in Washington/Congress? If not, why is there not a 'White Caucus', since they are using skin pigmentation as credentials to join their political club? Should there not be a caucus to represent all the different types of citizens in the United States? What exactly does a caucus do besides make government more complicated and stack one group against another? No caucus required - just statesmen and stateswomen.

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