Nov 8, 2014

Political Dueling, Gun Control and Media Bias

Political dueling has become so common place and the idea that a representative or senator in the US Congress must pass a flurry of bills in order to make their special interest constituents happy, it is one of the main reasons why congressional members lose sight of the reason why the articles of the Constitution of the United States was written. They manipulate the truth to get people on their side with the willing help of the mainstream media while using fear tactics and preying upon the emotion of voters hoping they will not stop for one minute and use common sense and factual logic to appraise the situation or problem. 
This is especially true concerning the Second Amendment. It just takes a horrific act by a maniac, clearly mentally balanced to get people to agree with their flurry of bills that are presented in the US Congress and state legislators. Their success is redeemed by having a majority of their fellow political party members or those who will go against constitutional law and common sense to keep themselves in office. Those in legislative office who capitulate to the other side of the political aisle are called “moderates” and like those participating in the Tea Party movement are unjustly labeled 'radicals' because they insist that government, especially the federal government, return to the limitation of powers prescribed by the articles of the US Constitution and get rid of useless and controlling programs, laws, and draconian regulations like the income tax system that created the IRS, which the people hate more than any other government agency in the history of the US government – and rightly so.
Money, and the power of having a substantial amount of it, still weighs upon what kind of bills are generated by the federal and state legislators. One political club paints those that are wealthy as evil, despite having the larger of the two political entities in terms of donations; financed by the wealthy who have embarked upon crusades against the rights and liberties against rest of society.
Bluegrass Bruce, a Kentucky-raised husband and hunter with a passion for politics, wrote:
The biggest battle over gun rights this election season isn’t in Washington, D.C. but in Washington State. Second Amendment supporters in Washington are facing off with the gun control lobby over dueling ballot initiatives — a pro-gun bill to prevent gun confiscation (I - 591) and an anti-gun bill to expand background checks (I - 594).
It is because of the recent crime committed with a firearm that the legislators in that state have decided to counter the Second Amendment and reinforce their mantra that if they do not like guns or want firearms, no one should have them.
Seattle millionaire, Bill Gates (and Paul Allen) are behind this spearhead against constitutional law. One would think that Bill Gates would be against big government policies after the Clinton administration unfairly accused Microsoft of being a monopoly, which resulted in the corporation being forced to split. It was all in the name of being for the benefit of the consumer. What resulted, instead, is that Microsoft quality faded, annoying customers that the federal big government had declared they were marking Microsoft for. Indeed, Bill Gates became so disillusioned with what had become of the successful world-wide corporation that he retired from the activities of his chair on the board. Paul Allen is the co-founder of Microsoft and thus about as wealthy as Bill Gates, who was ranked in Forbes list of the world's wealthiest people as ranking second and third in the world, depending upon what year the poll took place; until 2013 when Gates was declared the wealthiest individual in the world and again in October of 2014.
The Gates' home and land are valued at $125 million (2006) and pays $991,00 in real estate taxes per year. He gives millions away annually to charities that include Bill& Melinda Gates Foundation. Bill and Melinda Gates are considered the second most generous philanthropists in the world, spending over $28 billion to charity as of 2007.
Between Bill Gates and Paul Allen, more than $7 million has been raised in support of I-594 in Washington state legislator. The pro-gun crowd raised $1.3 million, $191,000 of which came from the NRA, who just spent time and funding in the 2014 mid-term elections to ensure that gun control enthusiasts did not get elected or reelected. Polls show that 70% of Washington state citizens favor the anti-firearm bill. Bill Gates is advocating what he calls 'universal background check' - is that different from the federal background check already in place, required that all state governments comply? What can you expect from a nerd? A genius, but no common sense. At least he is not as ruthless and hypocritical as Bloomberg.
Bill Gates joins Michael Bloomberg in a quest to tailor society and use their money to social engineering and the passing of legislation that removes established rights and liberties from the peasantry with their philanthropic feudalism. Bloomberg is “only a few steps behind Obama in his over-reaching efforts to control his citizens.”
Mother Jones, sometimes referred to as “Mo-Jo”, founded in 1976, puts its bias mouth into the fray by stating that the NRA Degrades and Objectifies Women. Apparently the author of that article has not seen recent political Democrat campaign ads. Mo-Jo could never sanction women defending themselves from violent criminal predators, unthinkable. Mother Jones is named after Mary “Mother” Jones who was part of the group called the Intercollegiate Socialist Society (ISS) back in 1905, that included Upton Sinclair, John Dewey, Clarence Darrow, and Walter Lippman. It was designed to promote the establishment of socialism, but it also was in defense of regulations against child labor. Trade unions became great contributors. The infamous Hollywood hypocrite and make of documentaries of untruth, Michael Moore, edited Mother Jones until he was fired in 1986. Moore spoke loudly against the Iraq War, but has not said a thing about the Obama foreign policies, which include sending troops to Iraq and Afghanistan despite being against the war against Islamic Jihad.
If you examine the socialist organizations and perpetrators of the Nanny State, one can easily start connecting dots – and all pointing to the origin of the socialist/communist movement in America imported heavily when Stalin was in power. A good source for connecting those dots is Discover the Networks, published by David Horowitz, who also publishes FrontPage magazine. Horowitz is an interesting person who was raised by parents who were members of the Communist Party USA, an outspoken member of the New Left, before finally rejecting the lies and propaganda it offered. Horowitz has used his ideological journey from communism to constitutionalism in his memoir, Radical Son, and public speeches. He represents the 'Baby Boom' generation that was cultured in the Hippie revolution that was against the 'establishment' – who are part of (and their offspring) of the political/government establishment today – trading the US Constitution for the platform of the Marxist manifesto adopted by the Democrat Party that began with the 'Progressive Era' of the Woodrow Wilson administration.
It’s been 105 years since a clandestine plot was hatched to purloin America’s capitalist system and replace it with socialism. Most of us were unaware of what was taking place right under our na├»ve noses, but recent events have now made it clear. … The I.S.S. determined to achieve its goals in three ways: organize I.S.S. chapters on college campuses; graduate socialist adherents into society; and permeate labor unions, schools, and government with their followers.
Reid Wilson posted a report on an alleged 'study' entitled Study:Online gun sales open market to buyers who would fail a background check. Doing some research myself, I could find NOT ONE online firearm retailer that did not post a warning that firearm sales must be conducted through an FFL dealer or directly to a person who has a legitimate FFL. The Washington Post blog is just an example of misinformation concerning any issue about firearms. If a person wants to purchase a firearm from an online source, they must tell the seller where to send the firearm, who has an FFL. The FFL dealer will then accept the firearm and charge the purchaser a handling fee ($50 to $75) – and is responsible for running the required NCIS background check before turning over the firearm to the buyer. The only time a background check is NOT required in a sale is when a person having an FFL makes a purchase; however if that firearm is then resold, the FFL person, who is required to record the FFL firearm purchased, must follow federal rules. This is for ALL states, including Washington state. Those having a legal FFL have been fingerprinted, registered and had a background check, both locally and with the feds. They must renew their license periodically, which a new check is made at the time of renewal – sometimes involving a visit from an ATF official to examine the firearm recording books and other pertinent paperwork involved with background check requirements.
I know because I hold an up-to-date FFL for dealing/manufacturing of firearms. For firearms, the state of Wisconsin requires, in addition to federal requirements, that the sale of handguns be held over 48 hours and an additional check is made with the Wisconsin state authorities, which fee is $10, charged whether the person passes the background check or not.
The gun control group, Everytown For Gun Safety conducted the study and the I-594 bill passed, according to the anti-second amendment group. Like other gun control and firearm ban enthusiasts, they base their actions upon mass shootings; which is not the fault of the Second Amendment or law abiding firearm owners – but society itself. They document mass shootings but ignore the myriad of daily incidents where lives are saved by using firearms for defense. It would be against their agenda to do so.
The author of the article and the anti-firearm group failed to realize that those sales, despite being personal sales, must use the postal system, which requires an FFL purchase form that shows the buyer has passed a background check.
In the article, the author lists the following online dealers:
Armslist – this site begins with a terms of use agreement that you must agree to before entering the site. It runs ads for personal firearms for sale or trade in 50 states.
Northwest Firearms – It sells non-firearm items, like clothing and decals. It is a forum, not a firearm selling site whose mission statement states: was founded based on these three goals … Communication, Organization, Advocacy. It does not sell firearms – it is a forum.
Outdoor Trader – It runs classified ads and is a forum. It lists places to shop by state and offers products other than firearms directing buyers elsewhere. It has a separate ODT Store that sells T-shirts.
Washington Gun Trader– A forum that offers to post ads for people who want to sell items. The site sells non-firearm items.
Gun Listings -Classified ads by state. 
The loophole is allegedly at these websites, but if you visit it, you find nothing that the group that helped pass I-594 and the subject of their “study”. Using fear in their politics, they use emotion as a tool, instead of logic and can count on a majority of the people not researching their findings to learn the truth – that they manipulate what is true or just plain lie.
The gun control nuts are trying to say that they found a loophole that the FBI-NICS-ATF is not aware of or have countered with regulation.
Just like blaming firearms for the ills of society, they now falsely blame the system that the gun control enthusiasts established back in the 1960s, after the JFK assassination. Ironically, that assassination and the Brady incident would still have happened with a background check in place and the myriad of gun control regulations and laws placed ever since. Especially since historical investigators have determined that Lyndon B. Johnson orchestrated the tragic incident, along with the assassination of Robert Kennedy. His personality and ego matched the accusations.
According to the Washington Post  blog:
Among the identifiable buyers who sought weapons through online portals in Washington, several had been convicted of a domestic violence crime or were under a restraining order. Others were convicted felons, with rap sheets ranging from car theft to rape, burglary and robbery.
Not one of its claims is linked to any source, except the bias Everytown for Gun Safety and the I-594 bill Washington state legislator passed is pretty much an echo of federal ATF regulations concerning firearm sales and background checks. The good thing about the bill is that those private parties that comply with background check requirements are exempt from sales tax. However, it counters procedures of FFL dealers who play middle person in dealing with firearm sales – required by federal law. The bill also has exceptions, which can be ruled as the very 'loophole(s)' that the bill is supposed to counter – exceptions are:
  • Gifts between immediate family members.
  • Antiques and relics.
  • Temporary transfers for self-defense.
  • Loans for lawful hunting or sporting activities.
Media Matters has accused the gun lobby media of downplaying the “victory” of I-594 …
In an attempt to spin the unfavorable outcome, conservative media and the NRA are offering weak arguments to downplay the significance of this major victory for gun safety advocates:
1. The Background Check Ballot Initiative Won, But Not By Enough
2. There Is An Equivalence Between I-594 And A Largely Uncontested Pro-Gun Alabama Ballot Measure
  1. There Is Real Danger I-594 Might Be Struck Down By A Court
In an October 14 seven-minute-long NRA advertisement, opponents of I-594 tell the camera "background checks don't have anything to do with" the ballot initiative and instead it is about "universal gun registration," "collecting a database of gun owners" and "confiscation of my guns." A Washington sheriff ominously adds, "The American people will stand up because the day that you try to come and take those rights away from me is the day that I will fight you," while another man falsely says I-594 would mean "you can't lend a gun to a friend to go hunting."
There is much confusion on both sides of the argument; however, it never helps with posts like the aforementioned blog. There are also repugnant people on both sides of the political fence and social forum who give any advocacy a bad name, like quotes from Tweets and comments printed Mo Jo, the mother of American socialist propaganda media. 
The Republicans have won the majority in Congress, let us hope that their political spearhead and political platform is reinstating the constitutional republic instead of just slowing down the drive to turn America into a democratic-socialist regime ruled by the elite of hypocrisy and double standards.

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