Nov 12, 2014

Weird Science: Is the Hoverboard Here?

AP … Remember the hoverboard featured in the film Back To The Future II? Well, it has come to be a reality in Los Gatos, California. Mattel is selling the futuristic 'skating' board, but its just a replica; but a disappointment to customers and sales. It hovers, but you cannot use it like a skateboard. But take heart, skateboarders, the dream is becoming a reality.
The hoverboard uses magnetics to float 2.5 centimeters off the ground. The design and future use of the invention includes transporting large containers. It currently works for only 15 minutes before it needs recharging and can only operate over metal surfaces. Also, it costs $10,000.

Unfortunately, the video above was faked, as Tony Hawk states in the following apologetic video:

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