Nov 22, 2014

November 22, 2014: 51st Anniversary of JFK Assassination

One of the dark days of United States history, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, is also an issue for those who have researched extensively that day and events and people who led to the infamy of that day. Some may blow off these conspiracy theories, but there still remains too many unanswered questions.

The End of Elite Media Empires ... [Note, this November 22nd is the 51st anniversary, not the 50th]

Dallas was the perfect stage for LBJ to control the scene of the crime of the century. Johnson owned a media empire inside Texas. He won elections by hook and by crooked attorneys. His nickname “Landslide Johnson,” was sarcastic because he always won elections by late vote counts in Democrat precincts.  Jack Ruby was connected to the Chicago mob and had a well-cultivated relationship with the Dallas Police Department. Ruby was the ideal man to shut up Lee Harvey Oswald and shut down the link to the assassination team. Ruby asked to be moved from Dallas where he feared for his life if he brought up the network he worked for. His request was not granted and he died in the Dallas jail.  Mr. Ruby had a jailhouse interview with Dorothy Kilgallen, a nationally known journalist. She reported that the interview would blow the case wide open. She gave the notes of her meeting to her friend Margaret Smith for safekeeping. Ms. Kilgallen was found dead of a drug overdose on Nov. 8, 1965. Ms. Smith died two days later. The cause of death was not known. 
Read more of the revelations and historical footnotes of a perceived conspiracy that continues to be believed today, but thus far never been officially resolved.
JFK was a popular president world-wide, like the United Kingdom. Respected for his sincerity, commitment, and his stance against bullish national leadership; like that of the former Soviet Union.
Last year, Story Leak posted new evidence further supports the conspiracy theory surrounding the JFK assassination. Also in 2013, a poll revealed that at least 30% of those polled believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was not a 'lone gunman'. Indeed, it is still believed he was groomed to be a patsy and then terminated to prevent Oswald testifying.
Just recently NewsMax reported that a Mafia hit man confessed that he and others orchestrated the assassination from the infamous Grassy Knoll.
The gist of the conspiracy theory is that the Mafia, organized crime lords, were upset about JFK and his brother, Robert, and their crusade to bust up organized crime in the United States. It angered them because they had performed a favor by ensuring that JFK won the election as a favor for old business partner Joseph Kennedy, John's father, whose legal wealth came from running bootleg whiskey from Canada to the United States during Prohibition with his fleet of rum-running boats. Joseph Kennedy also angered Franklin D. Roosevelt when he insisted that the latter honor the Munich Pact between US and Nazi Germany. Joseph Kennedy Sr. also did not want FDR to support Great Britain.
The following documentary concerns the Mafia connection to the Kennedy family:

WARNING: Graphic photos in the following documentary video:

Suggested Reading:

The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ by Roger Stone 
The following video covers the corrupt career of LB Johnson:
Several researchers believe that LBJ was part of the assassinations of JFK and Martin Luther King. Bobby Kennedy insisted that a high-level conspiracy had orchestrated the assassination of his brother. Researchers have questioned whether Robert Kennedy had also been victim of an organized assassination in theories as well.
The Mafia was indeed part of the conspiracy to assassinate JFK, but they were just a part of the machine. One example of high-level corruption is the fact that the Secret Service normal safeguards were disregarded and certain agents were replaced by others. Here, in a final video, is an excellent documentary on what may eventually be proven. The documentary is presented in three parts out of the total nine video segments:

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