Nov 3, 2014

Voting Day Nears, HR 2745 Still in Committee, US Marine Returns Home

To help decide who to make the final vote for 2014 for people in your district for Congress and state assemblies (and governors), but especially congressional members – see if they are on board for the HR2745: No Social Security for Illegal Immigrants Act, originally sponsored by Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA). The congressman plus former Rep. Ed Royce, former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, and Arizona Republican Rep. Matt Salmon were the prime members of Congress to fight for the release of Marine Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi from a Mexican prison. Meanwhile, the president and his Democrat congressional members did nothing to free the American from a Mexican prison. Andrew is back in the United States after a long period in Mexican prison.
San Diego News video …
The State Department made a press release stating that it was pleased that Mexican judicial authorities had ordered the release of Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi. Doctors say that he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, developed after serving with Marines in Afghanistan. He was held in Mexican prison for seven months.
According to the National Report, President Obama took credit for the release of the American.
One month ago, Montel Williams told the president to “Pick up the phone” at a congressional hearing. The president, in his official statement, praised the Mexican government's decision to drop the case against Tahmooressi.
The return of the Marine after being confined for 214 days is primarily because of closed door congressional sessions that harshly criticized the president and commander-in-chief's inaction on the matter. When the Marine was arrested and his mother notified the authorities, the Obama administration, specifically the president under the authority of commander-in-chief of armed forces never bothered to even call the Mexican government to find out what happened.
Great efforts were made US Ambassador Earl Anthony Wayne and Mexican Attorney General Jesรบs Murillo only recently.
Does anyone have the suspicion that the sudden action by Obama administration was done for political purposes – just before voting day in midterm elections? I wonder how many Democrats in the Senate and House will falsely claim they were responsible for the Marine's release?
US Marine Sgt Tahmooressi served two tours of duty in Afghanistan, diagnosed suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, the key issue of his defense attorney, Fernando Benitez.
Sarah Palin, former Alaskan governor, published on Twitter, how happy she was he returned and condemned stating that Obama broke the sacred commitment to never leave an American behind.
Tahmooressi flew to Florida where his home is in Weston, Saturday morning, flying from Mexico to San Diego and then Miami. Florida Governor Richardson announced he was in good spirits and would be treated to a steak dinner. His PTSD treatment will resume as soon as possible. The family requested privacy from the news media.

Continued report of H.R. 2745

The bill was assigned to a congressional committee in July of 2013 and still languishes there. GovTrack reports that there is 0% of it passing, at this time. Voters can make that percentage rise.
The Bill reads, in part …
To amend title II of the Social Security Act to exclude from creditable wages and self-employment income wages earned for services by aliens illegally performed in the United States and self-employment income derived from a trade or business illegally conducted in the United States. … [read the full text HERE]
It is an amendment to the Social Security Act, 42U.S.C. 415(f)(1).
If your senator or representative did not co-sponsor or has not committed to passing this bill – make sure he/she is not reelected or if a candidate for first term that they are not elected.
It is time we have responsibility a norm in Congress rather than unconstitutionalists who do not honor their oaths of office and ignore true reformation issues and decrees.
Congress should have provided an amendment to the Constitution, especially those that say the Constitution is outdated, where a clause is added that declares that illegal immigrants who give birth in the United States will be returned to their home country whether their children were born here or not.
See how fast Democrats retract their statements that the Constitution is outdated. In this case, it certainly is, and amendment procedures were set up by the Founders, justified clearly by Thomas Jefferson that as time went by, the People and their government representatives and senators would find the need to make necessary changes. 

"Whatever be the Constitution, great care must be taken to provide a mode of amendment when experience or change of circumstances shall have manifested that any part of it is unadapted to the good of the nation. In some of our States it requires a new authority from the whole people, acting by their representatives, chosen for this express purpose, and assembled in convention. This is found too difficult for remedying the imperfections which experience develops from time to time in an organization of the first impression. A greater facility of amendment is certainly requisite to maintain it in a course of action accommodated to the times and changes through which we are ever passing." --Thomas Jefferson to A. Coray, 1823. ME 15:488

The 16th Amendment was NOT a necessary change, however, and that amendment requires to be repealed and replaced with a consumption tax based upon an agreed flat tax rate, exempting purchases of personal homes and food, with the in-place programs of Social Security and Medicare within the new tax system structure as well as unemployment programs, et cetera.
The Affordable Health Care Act should be revoked and insurance companies and medical institutions be scrutinized to see what can be done for truly affordable health care.
There is a lot of work to do for congressional members in the coming years, hopefully your choices at the voting polls were good choices. 
Politicians are mentioning Ebola in their campaign programs ... 
 “One week before Election Day, candidates across the country are trying to use Ebola to their political advantage....One independent liberal group released an ad criticizing Republicans for cutting spending that they say could have led to an Ebola vaccination. Scott, that ad is titled ‘Republican Cuts Kill,’ which shows just how tough the political battle over Ebola has come.”— Reid on the CBS Evening News, October 27. There was no suggestion in either of Reid’s pieces that there was any factual problem with the Democrats’ charge.
And, of course, the good old fashioned race card and fear tactics ...
“Although we know it’s not legally permissible, it feels as though it has been legally permissible to murder Trayvon Martin, to murder Michael Brown, and then, of course, what follows up next is to murder black people’s ability to vote....If you have to provide ID, and you don’t have access to ID, it is another way of killing black America and relegating us to a permanent underclass. It’s awful.”
— MSNBC contributor Michelle Bernard later on the same show.
Totally ignoring the fact that if you do not have a driver's license you can still get a photo ID from any state transportation authority. But that would make it harder for Democrats to commit voting fraud and illegal aliens vote Democratic.
Here's a classic Democrat statement/Gaffe from Tina Brown (notorious Daily Beast)
“There’s no doubt that this year, Republicans have been far more disciplined. So, they had their rabies shots....No ‘legitimate rape’ talk this time. They’ve got themselves a little better discipline.”
— Ex-Newsweek/The Daily Beast editor Tina Brown on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, October 20.
Read email received by Keith Koffler from Scarlett Johansson, Hollywood blonde bimbo for the spokesperson for Democrats. One of the oddest things that strikes me is how Hollywood rich and famous can be so loyal to a political entity/ideology that puts down those that are wealthy and saying that everyone should be in a collective society, everyone sharing the wealth whether they earn it or not. It is just so incredible. Indeed, the majority of the wealthiest members in Congress are Democrats! Can anyone see or suspect that picture?
Too many empty seats at Obama Democratic Pep Rally. My how things change since 2008.

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