Nov 12, 2014

Weapons of Choice: Sig Sauer P320 - Another Addition to the Sig Sauer Line

The Sig Sauer P320 is a no-nonsense striker-fired pistol that law officers have come to appreciate; even those who like the M1911 and Beretta 92-FS/92-G. Its features include:
  • Striker Safety.
  • Disconnect Safety.
  • 3-point Take Down Safety System.
  • Take-down cannot take place without removing the magazine.
  • System prohibits take-down without slide locked to the rear.
  • Rotation of take-down lever allows disassembly without tools or trigger manipulation.
Modular in design, it is a flexible hand gun offered in different calibers and sizes. All are complete polymer grip modules which makes for an optimal fit for hands of different sizes; a plus for female shooters.
Like the SP2022, the P320 comes with an accessory rail and offers various accessories to mount on it. It has the SIGLITE Night Sight system and the grips are interchangeable. It comes with two magazines.
Although the P320 will be popular for some, I still like the SP2022 or the P226, the best in the Sig Sauer line in my opinion is the SS P226 – but still partial to the Beretta 92 and M1911. What P320 offers is much easier take-down alleviating the problems involving the SP2022, for example. It is available in 9mm or ,40S&W with a heavy double-action trigger pull of 10 lbs. That can be altered, of course, according to need, like for competitors. The single-action trigger pull is 4.4 lbs, still a bit heavy. Magazine capacity for the 9mm SP2022 is 15 rounds and 12 rounds for the .40S&W. In that, the P320 and SP2022 are in common, except the P320 also comes in .357 SIG caliber with a mag capacity of 13 rounds. Average price for a 20-round box of 147-grain, .357 SIG ammo is $17 (Hornady) to the same amount by Sellier & Bellot at 140-grain full metal jacket at $25. Those prices, of course, reduce when purchased in bulk.
SIG P226
The P320 is an ideal carry pistol, even at full-size, depending upon what type of holster you prefer. A subcompact model will be offered soon in .45ACP, until then they are chambered for 9mm or .357SIG. The .45ACP caliber will be offered in the full-size, carry, and subcompact. The full-size and carry is available in 9mm, .357SIG, and .40S&W presently and caliber changes can easily be performed by the operator. All three provide a choice of SIGLITE Night Sights or Contrast Sights.
It may be the future replacement for the US military service pistol in competition against Beretta, as the DOD is considering going back to the .45 ACP, but in a double-action frame.
The SP2022 video …

SIG P226:

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