Feb 14, 2015

Alert: NRA-ILA Reports on a Proposed BATF Regulation on Ammunition

It is a never-ending complexity of what the Obama administration will do next when it comes to anything that is constitutional, and if I did not pick this up from the NRA-ILA, NRA Institute for Legislative Action, I could not, would not believe it. However, knowing the relentless of the progressive socialist, those that insist that government control everything and other citizens be hindered from liberties because of their own personal vendetta or agenda, it was bound to happen with this out-of-control executive branch headed by the worst President of the United States in its history.

NRA-ILA, February 13th (Friday), 2015 …
In a move clearly intended by the Obama Administration to suppress the acquisition, ownership and use of AR-15s and other .223 caliber general purpose rifles, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives unexpectedly announced today that it intends to ban commonplace M855 ball ammunition as “armor piercing ammunition.” The decision continues Obama’s use of his executive authority to impose gun control restrictions and bypass Congress. It isn’t even the third week of February, and the BATFE has already taken three major executive actions on gun control. First, it was a major change to what activities constitute regulated “manufacturing” of firearms. Next, BATFE reversed a less than year old position on firing a shouldered “pistol.” Now, BATFE has released a “Framework for Determining Whether Certain Projectiles are ‘Primarily Intended for Sporting Purposes’ Within the Meaning of 18 U.S.C. 921(a)(17)(c)”, which would eliminate M855’s exemption to the armor piercing ammunition prohibition and make future exemptions nearly impossible. …
Now, however, BATFE says that it will henceforth grant the “sporting purposes” exception to only two categories of projectiles:
Category I: .22 Caliber Projectiles
A .22 caliber projectile that otherwise would be classified as armor piercing ammunition under 18 U.S.C. 921(a)(17)(B) will be considered to be “primarily intended to be used for sporting purposes” under section 921(a)(17)(C) if the projectile weighs 40 grains or less AND is loaded into a rimfire cartridge.
Category II: All Other Caliber Projectiles
Except as provided in Category I (.22 caliber rimfire), projectiles that otherwise would be classified as armor piercing ammunition will be presumed to be “primarily intended to be used for sporting purposes” under section 921(a)(17)(C) if the projectile is loaded into a cartridge for which the only handgun that is readily available in the ordinary channels of commercial trade is a single shot handgun. ATF nevertheless retains the discretion to deny any application for a “sporting purposes” exemption if substantial evidence exists that the ammunition is not primarily intended for such purposes.
BATFE is accepting comments until March 16, 2015 on this indefensible attempt to disrupt ammunition for the most popular rifle in America. Check back early next week for a more in-depth analysis of this “framework” and details on how you can submit comments.
The Second Amendment does not, nor ever had, restricted firearm ownership (and obviously its ammunition) to be used for “sporting purposes” only.
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
The Second Amendment is a short, but clear descriptive of the liberty to keep and bear arms, as well as the resolution that every citizen can be part of a “well-regulated” militia, if it deem necessary – hardly not being for “sporting purposes” only. It is not an amendment, second out of ten in the Bill of Rights, that even mentions hunting – for who in their right mind would ever ban regulated hunting?
What the BATFE, under the tutelage of Barack H. Obama and Eric Holder, who is still the US Attorney General after committing perjury, inept record, and part of the anti-constitution crowd, are saying is that if they cannot ban certain firearms outright, they will ban the ammunition that of the weapons they want banned. The ATF will be the deciding factor in denying any application of aforementioned ammunition as to whether it is for “sporting purposes” or not.
Like his agenda to control the Internet and enact new and/or revised taxation to fund his administration's out-of-control spending, and other acts against We the People, this move is being made without the will or action of the US Congress.
The statute will leave the determination what is considered “armor-piercing” ammunition up to the US Attorney General, in this case until he is replaced, Eric Holder. It is beyond the authority of the president and the attorney general to make such a regulation without consent and approval through the check-and-balance system of the United States Congress.
M855 Hard Ball ammunition in caliber 5.56mm and its civilian counterpart, .223 ammunition and 7.62mm/.308 Caliber; but the wording of the ATF proposed regulation would effectively make any ammunition larger than .22 caliber unlawful except in the hands of law enforcement and military personnel – by the whim of the ATF Bureau. It is the same tyrannical unconstitutional authority that the IRS is noted for, and the NSA has already exercised. Oddly, soldiers have complained that the 5.56mm ammunition is not powerful enough and less range than the standard 7.62x39mm ammunition used by the enemy. Now ATF wants to categorize M85 ammo, specifically thus far it seems, green-tip ammunition, a regulation that previously was trash canned. In the real world, vests worn by law enforcement (and military) can handle aforementioned ammunition in protection against small arms fire.
Liberals, progressive socialists, love to play with words and meanings of phrases, for example, global warming vs climate change – with intentions to ensue a different perspective and deter detection as to their true agenda. The result is complicated wording of regulations and legislation that makes it more difficult for the judiciary when they are performing their duties of their oath of office pertaining to the US Constitution and its amendments. The Founders exercised as much simplicity, but to the point, when they created the articles and amendments of the Constitution of the United States so that everyone would understand its implications and intentions. Most of those confusing and complicated regulations apply only to FFL gunsmiths and manufacturers.
NRA-ILA recommends the following procedures for comments and desire that this regulation not be enacted:
ATF will carefully consider all comments, as appropriate, received on or before March 16, 2015, and will give comments received after that date the same consideration if it is practical to do so, but assurance of consideration cannot be given except as to comments received on or before March 16, 2015. ATF will not acknowledge receipt of comments. Submit comments in any of three ways (but do not submit the same comments multiple times or by more than one method):
ATF email: APAComments@atf.gov
Fax: (202) 648-9741
Mail: Denise Brown, Mailstop 6N-602, Office of Regulatory Affairs, Enforcement Programs and Services, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, 99 New York Avenue, NE, Washington, DC 20226: ATTN: AP Ammo Comments.
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Denise Brown, Enforcement Programs and Services, Office of Regulatory Affairs, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, U.S. Department of Justice, 99 New York Avenue, NE, Washington, DC 20226; telephone: (202) 648-7070.
Green-Tip Ammunition in Question
NRA has become the watchful eye upon government and its never-ending pursuit against the Second Amendment in the name of crime prevention; which facts and statistics has shown differently against the reasoning. You can become part of the effort to protect liberties and rights by becoming an NRA member; as well as purchase products they sell to support the cost of being a lobby for Second Amendment rights for all citizens, whether they are hunters, 'sport shooters', or own firearms for self-defense, property, and fellow citizens in certain circumstances. 

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