Feb 10, 2015

Sometimes Nice Things Happen at the White House

Keith Koffler:
Well this is kind of cute. I mean, I don’t expect you to watch all 28 minutes, but I thought you might want to have a look.
It’s one of the nice things Mrs. Obama does – occasionally surprising guests by making herself part of the White House tour. In this case, they were being brought into the newly redecorated White House Old Family Dining Room, which is open to the public for the first time. Mrs. Obama invited former First Daughter Jenna Bush Hager to join her, which was a classy thing to do. Jenna looks great, doesn’t she? Interesting how many people recognize her and seem glad to see her.

My son's graduating class raised enough money for a field trip to Washington, DC - but could not get a tour of the White House. I am glad that Americans are finally getting the opportunity to visit the house built by We the People for our Presidents.
Personally I would not have made the historical dining room into modern art deco and left it historical. But, that is my opinion, of course.  Jenna, younger of the twin daughters, looks so much like her Dad.
It was a 28-minute session and the two ladies must have been exhausted afterward; but Michelle and Jenna appeared genuinely enjoying themselves with the surprise appearance of the First Lady.

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