Feb 21, 2015

Prime Minister of Israel to Visit Next Month to Address Congress and Americans

Keith Koffler wrote an article about Prime Minister Netanyahu and his visit next month to address Congress.
President Obama has insulted Israel and their prime minister since 2009. Our president is more cordial to Iran's leadership, whose Islamic clerics have declared war upon the United States, funded and supported Jihadists, and whose agenda is to destroy Israel.
PM Netanyahu is coming here to make a case to Congress and the American people about saving his country, and as Koffler wrote: “And ours”.
Netanyahu and Israel's intelligence believe that Obama's deal with Iran will not stop its nuclear warfare program; indeed, it will boost it.

As Koffler wrote:
Grave threats – Iran, ISIS, the U.S. debt, unfunded entitlements – have been permitted to form and fester while Obama searches America for the perfect golf course. This our future, and that of our children and grandchildren. We only get one chance at it. I’m an optimist by nature. But Obama will leave us in a situation where the challenge we face to secure our country will be immensely daunting. But birth control will be covered.
And, once again, I say, the United States must disenvow the United Nations, give them notice to build a UN building elsewhere because it is an institution whose agenda is global power and whose ideology is anti-semitic, and the original concept of the UN has been corrupted, just like those involved. Israel fights to survive and the United Nations members demonize Israel while siding with its enemies.
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