Feb 23, 2015

Michael Bloomberg: Advocate of Hypocrisy and Tyranny, Icon of the "One Percent"

Bloomberg Gun Control
Michael Bloomberg is a very wealthy man who devotes his life to interfering with other lives. He has put millions of dollars in a campaign against the Second Amendment (and other amendments), who was once the mayor of New York City. While he has person armed security personnel protecting him, he demands that other citizens not be afforded the opportunity to defend themselves. He has also been an advocate of putting himself and government in charge as to what people can and cannot eat, like the food police program of Michelle Obama.
On February 6th when he hosted A Conversation with Michael R. Bloomberg at the Aspen Institute, journalist Karl Herchenroeder described comments he made in an article for The Aspen Times:
Bloomberg claimed that 95 percent of murders fall into a specific category: male, minority and between the ages of 15 and 25. Cities need to get guns out of this group's hands and keep them alive, he said. "These kids think they're going to get killed anyway because all their friends are getting killed," Bloomberg said. "They just don't have any long-term focus or anything. It's a joke to have a gun. It's a joke to pull a trigger."
The event was not on video or a transcript made available of that conversation through the Aspen Institute.
In a follow-up story by NRA-ILA, they were able to get an audio recording of those racial remarks to back the initial report provided by Mr. Herchenroeder.
Bloomberg goes on to defend New York City’s stop and frisk program, dismissing criticism that the program adversely affects minorities and presents Fourth Amendment problems. He additionally rejects positive approaches to influencing the individuals he would target, including outreach through families and churches (neither of which, he indicates, are applicable to them), and argues the priority is to “stop them from being murdered.”
It was also discovered that Grassroots TV (John Masters, director) filmed the conversation, and in an interview with Herchenroeder he stated that Bloomberg has taken great efforts in blocking the film to prevent public release.
Bloomberg is so wealthy he has dedicated $50 million to “bury the NRA” in a campaign sponsored by one of his organizations – Everytown for Gun Safety. It is not a campaign for firearm safety, like the NRA has a tradition of emphasizing, but a campaign to keep firearms out of the reach of everyone except law enforcement and military, the latter only when on duty. Fortunately, David Clarke, who has been spotlighted nationally for his self-defense and Second Amendment advocacy. He is also known for his spats against Eric Holder, Department of Justice Attorney General. Sheriff Clarke is known to wear a western-style hat and owns/rides a horse, living in rural Milwaukee County and has a reputation of being the “people's sheriff”. Milwaukee Journal reported that AG Holder asked Sheriff Clarke: “What's up with the hat?” … apparently the soon-not-to-be AG stereotypes his own race. Indeed, after making racial commentary, one would think the "race-baiters" would be crying foul against Holder and Bloomberg. But no, not against Michael Bloomberg, a definite RINO/hypocrite and was first a Democrat (before 2001), then a Republican (2001-2007), and now claims to be Independent. 
Sheriff Clarke and Billionaire Bloomberg
Bloomberg failed in his campaign  against constitutionalist Sheriff Clarke's re-election campaign.
Sheriff Clarke is a credit to county sheriffs across the country who are the front line of defense of the Second Amendment and other constitutional rights and take their oaths of office seriously, elected by the people of those counties.
Bloomberg and trade unions failed in his support of ousting Governor Scott Walker in a recall election as well as the reelection of Sheriff Clarke. It shows that We the People, those who demand that constitutional law remain the law of the land and that our nation's government be operated by that rule of law, not foreign laws or “interpretations” of the articles and amendments of the US Constitution.
Like the fight against Jihadists, the fight to safeguard constitutional law and reform government back to operating by it, is and will be a long battle towards victory and the return of the constitutional republic of which the Founders created.
Is it not ironic that there were demonstrations and protests against the "one percent" at Wall Street, representing the wealthy of our nation, who follow like sheeple tyrants like Michael Bloomberg; but who oppose people like Sheriff David Clarke. To the progressive socialist, being wealthy is a sin, unless they are members or advocates of their political social club.

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